Sign on the dotted line to go to jail DK                                                                    May 6, 2016
By author Bryce A Baker

Five years ago; as per a recent 'Correct Me If I'm Wrong', I rear ended a SUV at zero to five kilometers an hour. To make a long story short there was no concern for injuries as the other female driver said the impact was so minor. The only damage to her vehicle was a one inch cut in the rear rubber bumper. I asked if she wanted to call the police to report the accident but as she again said: "Everyone is okay and the damage is minor." She later quoted I was adamant against calling it in.

Two years less a day she filed an injury suit for $649,000.00. She was already suffering from chronic pain from previous reported aliments for years. Her own doctor quoted her pain was not related to any car accident.

The insurance completed an investigation, as well as I. There is video, pictures and her quotes on her social media admitting to heavy renovation work, mountain biking, and quading, amongst numerous other conflicting activities over the last five years.

Our investigations proved she is committing fraud for financial benefit.

She quoted three times on her social media: "The jackass that hit me was trying to run a red light at 90 kilometers an hour." Other testimony by her was also consistent with a typical pathological liar.

If I hit her at 90 there would have been fatality, not a one inch cut in her bumper. And no, I wasn't trying to run a red light over top of her SUV! FYI my 81 year old mother was riding with me.

A week before the court date, five years later, I was looking forward to presenting my evidence of her fraud, but the insurance settled out of court with her for under $200,000.00. The insurance lawyer said the courts ‘could’ find in her favor.

Frustration is an understatement for me. If our court system is that corrupt or ignorant to fraud, then we are in deep trouble. Her's and other person's fraudulent actions costs the general public millions every year in premium increases. What she did is no different than walking into a bank and robbing it.

Her 'Auto Lotto' may seem like she got away with a crime, but, her getting away with insurance settlement is not the end of this case. Once she signed the release form, she then committed a fraud. The insurance is done, but the pending police investigation for grand larceny is in another ball court that she may not understand. I shall do everything in my power to have her charged.

In her mind she is a victim of an accident. In my eyes she is a thief.

Bryce A Baker


Where have all the dollars gone, long time taxing?  (To music)                          April 22, 2016
By author Bryce A Baker

Again our government has sent money to other countries to help with their 'burden of war.'

Twenty million more dollars sent to Jordan and Lebanon as well as others. Must be coming out of petty cash.

It seems our tax dollars are fair game for war torn areas and yet our recession riddled country is struggling with unemployment, homeless, hungry children, education cutbacks, essential services cutbacks, social program cutbacks and so on and so on. Support for other countries seem to take a priority, or am I missing the real picture of why our hard earned dollars are sailing off into the sunset?

Assisting in a disaster is understandable, but how do we when we're stranded in the middle of a busy intersection with rescue responding to a foreign country first.

I recently drove on Canada's #1 highway known as the Trans Canada Highway. Maintenance was so poor on the aged highway that compared to some of the gravel roads I have been on, I prefer the gravel. The road surface is years past something other than spot repairs.

Mentally ill patients have a collapsed support system and are out on their own.

Trying to get legitimate unemployment is being intercepted by a government agenda of denial, under false regulation.

Our military is using substandard equipment and post war support is going to other countries instead.

The list is too long to fit in this post.

I try to shy away from politics but just had to vent this out.

In closing, I want to announce that I will be running for 'President of Canada' in the next election. For those that say we don't have a President; let's just wait and see.

So for us in Canada that are suffering from the 'Burden of Survival', lets feel good about our government sending our food money to help another country with their 'Burden of War'.

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG! - Bryce A Baker


Insured Fraud                                                                                   March 4, 2016
By author Bryce A Baker

Amongst the long list of criminal activities, there is a wave of lowlifes that are bleeding us. That crime is running rampant, using the institution that is supposed to protect us in the event of a vehicle accident. It is costing millions in amplified policy rates to compensate.

If a person has suffered a legitimate injury or loss because of a car accident, there is a long brutal procedure to receive compensation. This is because of the conscienceless scrud that figure an accident is an opportunity to score big at the expense of all.

Through many years of accident investigation and law enforcement, I have crossed paths many times with these maggots. A thorough understanding of accident reconstruction and potential injury means nothing if the courts and system are bombarded with unqualified law suits. Their attitude is that they have nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain. In the process, these suits cost court time and a massive amount of defense costs.

If the amount sued for is beyond the insurance coverage, the person being held responsible is on the line for excess funds. If the case is fraud based, the lives of the accused are altered dramatically affecting not only their finances, but all in their lives. But this doesn't seem to matter as long as the fraudster gets their materialistic fix.

personally know a victim of a ruthless, cold hearted woman, suing for an exorbitant amount for an excessively minor accident. Evidence to her suit is contrary to her imagination but the damage she is causing is not only costly, but may ruin the victim of her action if the courts are blind. No matter what results, damage has been done, and potentially catastrophic.

In the case of insurance fraud, a guilty party is well protected with little risk. Fraud is a crime to all and needs to be classified as a 'major crime' and not a slap on the wrist. Lawyers aren't stupid and I'm sure they are aware of their client's actions. They should be held accountable for contributing fraud.

So if you have been legitimately injured in a car accident, thank these lowlifes for slowing the process.  

- Bryce A Baker


Bigfoot vs Lower Life Form                                                                February 19, 2016
By author Bryce A Baker

Lately my columns are trying to distant from politics, religious malpractice and violence… a current experience watching a TV show from Alaska opens a new page.

This program follows the exploits of a group of middle-aged mountain men in hot pursuit of the illusive Sasquatch.  With this group after him, it is more than a 110 percent that there is no chance of capture. It is just another unqualified, ignorant death hunt for a creature by a bunch of idiots creating drama for the cameras.

Being a certified night/day tracker, picking holes in their procedures is simple. The problem is not as much the show, but the attitudes of the hunters. From their ‘on camera assessment’, they want to track him down and lay on a world of hurt.

There was a point where a solo 'trap specialist' was hunkered down in a hide; accompanied by a cameraman. Their stealth location was attacked by growling and bushes being shaken. Both ran yelling out to a road nearby at which time the rest of the team happened to be arriving. One of the group told the camera that this is now personal because his friend was attacked, and vowed to get him. Show ended.

It is understood that any idea to draw the public to the screen is scratching the dregs at the bottom of the barrel but that isn't my issue.

Unknown species of animal life continues to be found, even in this time of proclaimed assurance that there is no unknown. My thought is; why is it necessary to hunt them to extinction before they are discovered? The quest by many to solve the puzzle of Bigfoot brings more than researchers. These idiots with guns seem to have an unwarranted vengeance against a creature that in my mind should be left alone. Hunters that seek food for their family within the law is one thing, wanton brutality to the wildlife is a crime.

A recent post on the internet about a massive moose is a prime example. I guarantee there is a creature out there with a big wallet that will pay dearly to shoot this trophy moose.

Personally I love shooting, but the only victim is a piece of paper with a target on it.

TV is promoting murder to a captivated public that has become part of a surreal reality that will eventually shoot them in the foot.
Bryce A Baker


Blind Heart                                                                                          February 5, 2016
By author Bryce A Baker

A day of love is approaching; a day when those in love celebrate their special feelings for each other.

Although I appreciate the social ideology of this momentous institution of emotional gratification, there are some that are in a state of solitude. Whether it is voluntary or not, these people spend the day only window shopping waiting for payday.

In the past, I too had these feelings. The void between relationships, dating exposed me to a realm that shook my soul. A world that makes video games seem sane.

Blind dates made me ‘a feared’ of entering a room. Conversations working up to the eventual meeting were a precursor for a horror movie. A picture is drawn in one's head of the individual, but when the time came to explore each other's true identity… an alien body presented itself. If one has three eyes and four legs; lying about it won't induce blindness at first meet. Not a good start to a relationship.

Speaking with some that have split from a relationship, I see a world shattered. But it is only an opportunity to venture out and seek new horizons. Just be sure to wear dark glasses and be emotionally armed with a shrink's phone number handy.

Like most other social holidays, Valentine's Day can isolate. But remember this; in this interlude of independence, one can wake at anytime, eat whenever, splurge on toys without lecture, party hardy without being confined to the doghouse, and look at the all the free time to sit in one's favorite chair.

The heart is a sensitive organ that takes a beating… but we will always find the significant other that will heal all wounds and brighten our day. Just don't give up your favorite chair. There are limits.

- Bryce A Baker


Un-understood Driving Skills                                                                      January 22, 2016
By author Bryce A Baker

Touched on this subject briefly before, but be forewarned; we are reaching critical mass.
There is an advertisement on TV selling computer generated assistance to locate restaurants (among other things) and; "Where is the rear view camera?"

I am of course referring to how the automotive industry is bombarding us with computer automation to make our driving experience easier, and convenient to relinquish us of more driving skill practices.

Referring back a paragraph, the Salesman points out the restaurants and that the car is equipped with rear view mirrors. Rather ironic that he is pointing out a crucial point of real driving protocol.

The buying public is integrating young drivers with little understanding of the ancient technology of look, listen and drive with one's own brain skills. They understand that the susceptible electronic brain of the vehicle holds the care and control of their lives. Basic driving skills are quickly diminishing to dependence on a device.

To clarify: If a Commercial Airline Pilot was taught to fly a jet liner with only the use of a computer without actually knowing how to fly in an emergency, his skills are that of a computer and no more.

In my time of learning to drive I had to back up, parallel park, understand the rules of the road and practice driving defensive skills using only my brain. Without understanding these, we are programming new drivers to become too complaisant.

We are placing ours and others in jeopardy, unless these unnecessary computer gadgets are accompanied by a fully functioning human brain that is trained to operate.

Having safety equipment like airbags and back up cameras are great but again being alert also saves lives. If one is in desperate need of a restaurant; pull over and check so that full attention is not on a taco.

There is one computer integration that I personally find extremely dangerous; ABS (Anti-lock Braking System). Like most have discovered, this system wears out quickly and is a $3000.00 repair bill. As it wears, it malfunctions on slippery surfaces causing a problem; something it is suppose to protect from; loss of braking control. I have driven well over a million miles with advanced driver training and prefer to have full control of my braking system.

Self driving cars are in the works… what part of ‘electronic failure’ do we not understand?

I have restored and built custom cars for over 43 years. Fully functioning, comfortable, reasonably priced and fun to drive, and there is no dependence on a computer to do my thinking. The only computer error will be the driverless vehicle next to me with a crash test dummy in the driver's seat.

Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

Bucket List                                                                                                         January 8, 2016
By author Bryce A Baker

There are times in our lives that re-evaluating is essential to survival. There are also times we turn our lives in side out just because.

When writing a book or short story, my mind explores all aspects of the subject's psychological make up to produce a history and a present. The future is written as the pages progress.

When we wake in the morning, our future is our next step. How that step is taken determines the outcome. Mind you, there is a variable that there is no command over.

Coursing through my work history undercover, the threat of death danced with me several times. It is like any in the trade, an anticipated understanding. Training, experience and a Guardian Angel try to take hold of the variable with some control. 

Through the years, professionally and not, there have been times that souls have reached out a hand threatening suicide. They feel there is nothing to live for, their depression has overwhelmed. There are also times that the variable is threatening to take them away involuntarily. Perception of living is how we value our existence.

That variable is a key player in my life right now. If, in fact, future becomes memory, all is good. When a cold wind blows one needs to put on warmer clothes.

Because of surgery in 1983, I spent a week in the plastic surgery ward. My 'booboo' was small compared to the others. There was one afternoon I heard laughing out in the hall and went to investigate. Heading at top speed was a man with no legs in a wheel chair being pushed by a young lady with skin patches over her eyes. She was blind: He had survived cancer surgery. He was the navigator and she was the propulsion. Their condition was over ridden by laughter and a will to be alive. Lesson was taken. 

My bucket list is short, because my bucket overflowed through the years with experience, adventure and great gifts.

It is just a shame to see so many lives wasted when there are alternatives. Family needs to gather together as family. People have to gather as people.

That is all that is left for me to see… on my bucket list.

Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

Dear Santa:                                                                                  December 24, 2015

It has been many years since I sent my last letter, but this year is rather important, even though the price of postage is now past my budget.

When I was a kid, toys were fun to find under the tree on Christmas morning. Now that age has matured my understanding of what real is… I still want a toy truck and baseball glove!

Santa… seriously I need your help. It seems the world has gone wonkers. Few understand the real meaning of Christmas anymore. It is a time of family and friends to share a special birthday with emotional generosity. With love that surpasses the negative brutality that is shadowing us.

If you can find the time during your world travels Christmas Eve, could you please leave a feeling of Peace and Goodwill to fellow man. Now, I know this is a tough request, but we really need it.

It would be a blessing to share the day with our children.
That's all I want for Christmas.

 Sorry for the messy writing and bad spelling; my computer is going through seasonal stress.


And to all our friends and family; PLEASE have a happy, safe Christmas.

- Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

Social Conformity                                                                                   November 27, 2015
By author Bryce A Baker  

Through the annals of history, society has confined the socially acceptable in what is labeled as 'The Box'.

Artists and authors are considered outside this social invisible unit because of our un-conforming attitudes or ideas regarding alternate realities.

So… if at any time you find yourself nodding off, or totally confused with what I am about to say; fear not, I will leave a contact number for my shrink.

Referring back to 'The Box', many people have commented that my writings are outside of this enclosure. I assure you, to maintain my personal mental stature; my life is not enclosed in any rational envelope, and will remain unlabeled.

If you are still conscience at this point, let's move on to my ‘point in case’, as my dyslexic assistant calls it.

If everyone conformed, we would not have progressed past the club and cave. Mind you, life was more uncomplicated back then. We are so over stimulated with gadgets that they are mainstream survival now. I personally come from a generation that managed just fine without the technology that has reduced our communication skills from actually speaking to someone, to typing messages on tiny phones that Auto Correct what we really are trying to communicate.

The invention of the wheel has been techno blasted to steering itself so we can text more freely.

Television has turned ‘The Box' people into re-evaluating what their new 'Reality' is.

Trillions of dollars are spent on space exploration because the population needs to find a new world to complicate, and convert its inhabitants to socially acceptable behavior.

What is wrong with simplicity? Understandably, convenience can make life a little easier, but hypnotic compliance to the unnecessary will eventually collapse ‘The Box' from its own social pressure.

SO… as I bring this uncomplicated, un-conformed, simple, personal observation to a close; can someone text my wife to find out if supper is ready? My rotary phone doesn't text.    
Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -   
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

Stealing from Our Brave                                                                                       November 6, 2015
By author Bryce A Baker

In the past, I have written on the subject of our veterans that have given so we have freedom. To violate the sanctity of respect for them is amongst the lowest.

In the local news this morning, was an article and picture of an unknown male that stole a Poppy Box of donations. In the feedback, was a woman that felt sorry for this young man that found it necessary to steal to have food. First, the picture of the maggot showed he was not suffering from any malnutrition of any sort and is healthier than I am. Like other feedback by rational people said; there are plenty of support programs to feed this poor neglected *&R%$#.

Like I said in past articles; the naïve, ignorant individuals don't understand that, creatures like this thief, have no restraint to break into a home and terrorize anyone that gets in their way to support an addiction, or support a hyper laziness. These thieves have dishonored all those who put their lives in the line of duty.

Anyone that has been in law enforcement, struggle to rationalize the irrational of how some individuals can live with themselves after committing such a crime, or for that matter, those that sympathize by giving them an excuse.

Recently, I spoke with a man in his 90's that was one of the Canadian soldiers that went ashore in Europe. He couldn't speak of his experience, but wrote a poem of the nightmare. His name is Joe. Below is his writing, as given to me;

63 Years Ago Today

(written in 2008)

He was shivering in the back
The boat was swaying on the waves
Go man they yelled it’s time

We went and a lot weren’t lucky
They fell before they reached the beach
Those that made it fell to their knees
Their legs wouldn’t take them

But at last they rose and forward they went
Guns blazing they fought well
It took a while but we took the beach
Then a sad task lay before us

We recorded the fallen a grim task indeed
It was sad very sad indeed
Friends lay here and friends lay there
What can a person say

We bowed our heads and said a prayer
And moved on with more tasks before us
Let us not forget the past
Not me not you not you.

Joseph Goldenthal”

 How can I express how I feel for those that give and have given their all? How can I restrain my anger for cowards that dishonor and that are blind to care?

Our veterans deserve to be recognized for their service to their country as an example to those that are void of conscience.

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG! -Bryce A Baker

*  *  *  *  *

Raised Up                                                                                                         October 16, 2015
By author Bryce A Baker

Today a friend shared a video of two very young Asian children singing the Gospel song 'You Raise Me Up'.

As I look at the state of our world, our spiritual being can be raised up, simply by listening to these very talented children. Their inspiration is a seed of hope that through our youth, there is a possibility that one day we will open our eyes to a land free from the strife WE have built for ourselves.

Yesterday, I had an encounter with a twenty five year old native man that had passed out on a public bench. After attempting to get a response he remained still, he was breathing but still. When the paramedics arrived they revived him and wanted to take him to the hospital to be checked out and recover from his consumption of alcohol.

He was resistant to cooperate partially because of his altered capacity, but he repeatedly advised, he didn't do anything wrong and just wanted to be left alone.

He was right about not doing anything derogatory to the law, except public intoxication. We tried to convince him that going to the hospital to recover was for his safety and protection. We wanted him safe from harm.

His refusal required the paramedics to call the police to have him taken into custody, again for his own protection. As the responding officer and I were loading him in the cruiser, he looked at me in tears and said, “I didn't do anything wrong.”

No matter how hard we tried to get him to the hospital, he just couldn't understand the alternative until it was too late.

As I looked into his eyes, I saw a young man lost and out of hope. When the music from the young Asian children soothed my soul, yesterday's soul struck harder. He wasn't a bad person, he is lost in a world ravaged. He needs to be ‘raised up', and WE need to be RAISED UP with him.

Bryce A Baker

*  *  *  *  *

Getting Nailed                                                                                                   October 2, 2015
By author Bryce A Baker

If I had but one wish; it would to see our ravaged world free from the evils of crime.

No, I'm not running for Miss Canada. Previously I wrote that my writings are but only words to a hearing impaired world. With exception to my friends that understand.

In my book ‘Ghosts of Time’, there is a village that has grown free from greed or unjustified aggression. They have raised their children through the generations to understand that they are but a temporary inhabitant of their world, which of free will, appreciates that which is shared with them. Sounds simple, because it is, we have a tendency to complicate unnecessarily.

A number of years ago I arrested a man my age for theft. My arrest was his 28th criminal conviction. He got three years jail time but in our system he was out stealing again in just a few months. His wanton disregard for others will eventually catch up to him, and it won't be pretty. Unfortunately severe damage is left in his wake.

To be violated by a theft can be traumatic for some and the majority of the time, we believe we are failed by the laws that allegedly protect us; which brings to point, my point.

To take the law into our own hands in a matter of vigilante justice can be as detrimental as the crime subjected against us. For example:

In 1996 my house in Vancouver was broke into and I lost twenty thousand in tools and electronics (uninsured). A witness told me he watched them load a van and one of them even waved at him! He thought it was odd that these three men were moving at 11:30 at night but failed to call the police.

Subsequently, I was broke into five more times in less than a month. The last attempt to violate left blood on my window sill from a board full of nails that somehow was misplaced there. According to our Canadian laws I could have been

sued by this clumsy thief for having a hazard around my house. Furthermore, I could’ve been charged for ‘booby trapping’.

During my career of hunting these maggots, I struggled with stretching the law to the limits once… maybe twice, but like all the other sickening crimes perpetrated that would have slipped through the cracks, I felt justified.

If you have had a crime thrust upon you it is understood.

Now that I have confessed to abusing a lowlife, I put forward a warning to NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

It is sad that we as a society feel it necessary to take steps to extend ourselves, at risk of law suit by the criminals that the laws are suppose to protect us from. They, as a criminal element, have more rights than the victims.

Don't get me wrong that I demand retribution through excessive response. If necessary, the thieves received a justified treatment instead of the coddling they receive from our court system. If there are no consequences for breaking the law, then law doesn't exist.

In conclusion, the only way to stop crime is to first charge the law makers for breaching their own laws, nails should be classified as a security system, last and almost least of the long list; for blueprints of the 'Baker Better Burglar Bagger', send me an email. There is a better rat trap!

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -   Bryce A Baker

*  *  *  *  *

Simple Respect                                                                                          September 11, 2015

By author Bryce A Baker

If one is a hunter, they learn all about their prey. As a detective I learned as much about the human psychological makeup as I could. To build a profile of who I was chasing, was like creating a GPS map to work with.

This understanding has bled into my retirement. Recognizing potential crisis is a lesson that can compromise a sunny day. Knowing when to just shut up and back away is a struggle.

Going for coffee provides a show case of personality and character analyses for my books and columns. Today is a prime example of why we are a dysfunctional society. 

Exchanging jokes and laughter is to me, one of the greatest ways to crush the negative. Almost every day I speak with elderly people that have many wonderful stories to tell. It is an honor to hear them. Amidst the day, there can be a dark cloud shadowing the good.

This morning a mother and daughter sat together for breakfast. The little girl generated a future peace maker. She sat well behaved and with manners seldom seen now a days. Mom and daughter were having their time.

I just couldn't help but go speak to them and compliment the young lady. They smiled. The little lady told me she was five.

After returning to my seat, a 91 year old woman approached them and told them to get out of‘her’ seat stating this was ‘her table!'  It was a disgusting display of a rotten apple. She made her demands, but the mom stood fast and continued with their meal. The woman sat next to the girl crowding her into her mom even though the table next was empty.

The woman has a reputation of doing this seat fiasco everywhere, and apparently owns where ever she sits in public.

This woman is a poster child for the ignorant and cruelty of character that engulfs the world. It is why we will never see peace. Her behavior is a worldwide epidemic.   

Again I sit to comprehend the why. My profile analysis concluded she didn't suffer from any aging disease or mental disorder. Regardless of her experience, she has no excuse to treat people this way. We suffered with a rude self absorbed dominating old cow void of consideration, who will spend her last days in a hell of loneliness because she tried to make an Angel step aside.  

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -   Bryce A Baker

*  *  *  *  *

Bugged                                                                                                                August 28, 2015 
By author Bryce A Baker

Living in the country with cattle and horses surrounding us, makes for a single torment that REALLY bugs me… and the horses, and the cattle.

They are over excessive in numbers to a point of wanting to lash out irrationally to swat them out of existence… no, not politicians. Mind you, that wouldn't be a bad idea in some cases.

They have three purposes in life: To have disgusting eating habits, have random sex with no relationship bonds, and to endlessly BUG me. Their unsolicited, continual swarming in my personal space should be restricted by law.

Now most of you may be thinking this subject is about my ex wives but no, they keep their distance. Just kidding… they don't have bad eating habits.

Boy, am I asking for rebuttal!!!!

Okay, back to subject at hand.

Working in the shop on a hot day, to relax with shirt off to gain a sense of mental stability through hobby diversion from the real world, gets a senseless annoyance by mindless germ carrying winged maggots. You can take a breath now!

They seem to feed on disruption for some reason. Maybe it is because of me squashing so many of their pesky relatives.

For a low cost, I seek revenge by encasing my surrounding area in sticky fly strips and enjoy them paying the price for shattering my fun time.  But like they say; live by the strip and suffer by the strip… every so often Rena has to remove a sticky tangle of my weapon of choice; one that has attacked back.

I am sure these nasty creatures have some purpose in this world, but are now being led by some head bug with a vengeance to make my life miserable.

Should I succumb to their attack or use a weapon of mass destruction, like Fly Bait? It is a moral struggle.

I understand from feedback that there are others out there in the same predicament as I. Shall this war on ‘Bugdom’ overwhelm us into submission or shall we keep swatting?

We have beaten mosquitoes by chemical and electronic weaponry. So why, with this state of the art intelligence, do we not have a cure for the common housefly?

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -   Bryce A Baker

*  *  *  *  *

Racial Demise of Humanity                                                                             August 14, 2015 

By author Bryce A Baker

Last Saturday there was an incident at a mall food court. The lone staff member responsible for final cleanup after closing to prepare for morning opening was involved. The mall had been closed for nearly a half an hour and so had the food court. Parents with a couple of kids were the solitary inhabitants of the food court. The children had finished their meals and were running around the court unsupervised. The staff member could not finish her duties because of two things; the dawdling inconsiderate parents and the children that were re-messing the court.  When the staff member asked the children to stop, they went to their parents to complain.

As a result, the parents complained to the mall manager stating the staff member was rude and was prejudice because they were First Nations.

First of all, I personally know the staff member and she is a conscientious, hard worker and is NOT racially prejudice.

Again I state;
in all my years I have been strongly against prejudice of race, religion, sexual orientation, or any bias of unjustified garbage like what happened at the food court. Too many thousands of times I have been referred to as 'WHITE MAN' by ethnic bigots that were trying to curse their way out of an arrest. I DON"T CARE WHAT COLOR OR RACE THEY ARE!!!! Reverse prejudice is as deadly to society as what they say is segregating them.

I am sixty years old and as a child, had the privilege of learning bush skills from my native friends. Their spiritual understandings were not fully of my belief, but that didn't jeopardize our friendship and respect.

Through the years as a detective, I have witnessed thousands of sick social and racial conflicts lead by people that can't grow into a future of peace and resolve injustices that occurred on both sides from tens of decades ago. It has been stated to me dozens of times that ‘WHITE MAN LAWS’ don't apply to them.

I worked murder cases involving First Nations and found, as a whole, they were a considerate friendly people. I witnessed crimes within the Bands, of embezzlement of government supplied program grants that never made it to Band programs, or were dwindled to near nothing… BY BAND LEADERSHIP! I, unfortunately, could go far deeper.

So considering we pay taxes, have restricted hunting rights, are not self governed, do not have free education… and so on; why are WE the ‘bad guys’ ?

The parents in the mall food court have breached a prejudice taboo that has been destroying us as a whole, for far too long. ALL of us, no matter what color!

The staff member was subjected to a brutal, unqualified attack by the parents that are passing their prejudice on to their children.

By the way; The dad is a Band Chief.

WE, as a people, need to look at each other as humanity of a future generation and not a color wall of hate.

"In my world,

I turn my back to any racist:

For I am blind to its color and

deaf to its words."

Bryce A Baker

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -   Bryce A Baker

*  *  *  *  *

Common Sense for a Tomorrow                                                               July 31, 2015
By author Bryce A Baker

Looking back to 'teen hood', until I gained some maturity… last year, there is a definite lengthy period of stubborn antics contrary to elder advice. No matter how adamant my counselor or guide tried to hammer common sense into my head, I still ran headlong into my own self misguided establishment of stupidity.  Mind you out of the mentally tormented result, there was a lesson learned and a promise to myself to think more relatively… at least until the next headlong journey.

There is no better teacher than the experiences throughout life. How we react to pull ourselves out of events will dictate where and how our lives will be transformed.

Speaking as the self proclaimed poster child of 'doing things the hard way', I have to admit, if there was the opportunity to relive what has been, stubbornness would still be leading me to do the same mistakes again.

Now that you are thinking 'what in heck am I talking about?'NOTE: I was going to say 'hell' but Rena says I shouldn't, so taking her advice I said heck instead. I am on the road to maturity!

Anyway… having raised children, the subject of lecturing them to relay how not to make similar mistakes frequently surfaces for a duel of words and psychological torment, because they just don't seem to get the picture. Either they don't understand the dangers they taunt or they see that ‘Well, you did it when you were younger!’

Seriously though; Since having a career of responsibility, I have witnessed thousands of mistakes contrary to advice given the callow mind that the resulting damage could have been avoided. Teaching one's own children the dangers can be frustrating at times. Seeing them get hurt is catastrophic.

Just one example is, over the years I have given talks to graduating students about the dangers of drugs or alcohol and driving. I could talk myself blue to them, but the same carnage happens every year. What they do as teens will affect the rest of their lives, pro or con. Showing them what could happen seems to fall dramatically short of being absorbed as common sense.

Persistently there are sights from vehicle accidents investigated burnt into my memory. These people weren't friends, or relatives, they were people that never listened to advice to be careful.  
If you have a son or daughter… or grandchild, to get them to, through and beyond graduation, please emphasize they have a future with common sense embedded, uncompromised.
Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

*  *  *  *  *

Employment Insurance                                                                                July 1, 2015
By author Bryce A Baker              

 In all my years of working, there has only been one time, thirty years ago, that I collected EI for a few short months. A couple of years ago I started a part time security job and called EI to tell them I was not paying their tax. They adamantly said I had no choice.

 Simple in terms that if I don't want it… I can't collect it, but it is just another DICTATED tax we have no choice but to pay.

 That said, there is a situation with someone I know that started collecting EI and after two months was cut off without notice.

 According to EI 'RULES', one has to be actively engaged in job search or they can cut one off… 'With notice and Opportunity to clarify.' But the lady at EI never allowed such appeal or opportunity. She refused to accept any response.

 To make a three month nightmare short. Even though all reports were completed, she was still refused EI. They said she should have a car to look for work and made idiotic rules to follow. The lady at EI needs a serious humanity wake-up call and needs to be fired.

 Numerous requests to speak to superiors were refused, but a Client Services call resulted in another ignorant unjustified result.

 Even with all papers in order the BIT***S at EI were cold, and lied about the claimant's reports.

 The claimant contacted the MP's {Member of Parliament} office for help Collin Mayes in Vernon regarding her complaint. The interceptor secretary looked into the matter and called back. She repeated three times that all was in order and HUNG UP!

 There is much more to this nightmare, but that is the brief account.

 I called Ottawa on Monday of this week to Colin Mayes office and spoke with Joel and was told, the case would be looked into.

 So all considered, the claimant has stretched her search for help to the ends of the earth and all she got was BS.

 IF we HAVE to pay EI and are unable to legally collect when requested… we are in a crucible of organized criminal governmental dictatorship.

 If anyone has had an illegal withdrawal of an EI claim, please contact me. This is a crime to all taxpaying citizens in Canada. or just reply to this newsletter.

 Since July 1st is Canada Day, I struggle to feel any love for our leadership no matter what party is allegedly governing us in our 'Democratic Country.' We are living in the best country in the world with bureaucratic liars managing our lives.

 I anticipate heat from said persons and will make sure all recorded conversations are being made public.

 I truly wish I felt support to celebrate our Canada Day, but when we are buried in corruption of honor, I can only feel disgust. Very sad.

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!    -  
Bryce A Baker

*  *  *  *  *

 Again                                                                                                            July 19, 2015

By author Bryce A Baker      

It isn't the gun laws in the States; IT IS THE CRAZIES THAT OBTAIN THEM. To commit a gun crime, one can easily purchase an illegal firearm without abiding by the law. It wasn't the gun that committed the crime; It isn't the car; it isn't the knife; it is the person.

Law enforcement agencies actively pursue gun runners, but as a country, people are blind to the real cause of incidents. Guns are a substantial part of drug activity, prostitution and organized crime. Why doesn't the public hammer these animals rather than citizens who have proper sane use of firearms? 

The President needs to adjust his understanding of what is going on. Other countries that have strict gun laws are overrun by organized crime. Cartels' in Mexico, Columbia, China, Russia, Africa… have a brutally substantial death rate because of legal restrictions for law abiding citizens. Organized crime murder hundreds every day, but who in the critic world is concerned about restricting their use of illegal weapons or abating their behavior.

The murder of nine innocent people in the church had a number of contributing factors. He had drug influenced behavior, mental issues and extreme prejudice. Obtaining a weapon of choice for this creature had no legal restraint for him. Would the anti-gun crowd be throwing a tantrum if he had used dynamite to commit the crime? No, they wouldn't. They feed off of the wrong cause. Nine innocent people died needlessly because society, as a whole, are hiding in the shadows and expecting paper rules will protect them. We as a people need to fight against the rules that are not giving the population the responsibility to recognize murders like this one amongst us. The human rights people need to fight for you and I and not the criminal.

I am not in defense of someone that uses a firearm in the commission of a murder or crime; I am sick that these crimes happen by violent, mentally ill individuals that are unrecognized for their volatile character. The focus is on a tool and not the user.

Do I have an answer to stop this carnage? Yes, and no. We will never, or have ever, seen a world free from violent crime. Jack the Ripper used a scalpel to butcher innocent woman; was there groups trying to outlaw surgical tools? As a former bodyguard, I recognized threat before it escalated. We need to recognize people with indications of violent behavior and act on it.

Any death by the hand of a killer is an atrocity to society as a whole no matter what weapon used.

There are nine grieving families because we are chasing the wrong element.
Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!    -  
Bryce A Baker

*  *  *  *  *

Guest Columnist 'Longhorn'                                                                      June 5, 2015

By author Bryce A Baker 

Longhorn is a US Marshal posted in Houston, Texas. Born 1835 and shot in the back in 1882 by a coward. Longhorn is a character in my book 'Knight Horse'. Longhorn volunteered to comment on modern day law enforcement after reading my 'Correct Me If I'm Wrong!'…

"Had a big city journalist coral my partner and I, hundred thirty or so years ago, and crossed my mind that he danced around us like a coyute with cactus stuck in his butt. Never thought one day my words would be put in this new fangled writin' machine. After readin' some of the stories Mr. Baker fetched to share, I suggested to give him… that feedback thing. Fortunately, there isn't a cactus for miles.

As you can imagine, when we hunted the bad guys back then, we didn't worry much 'bout movin' pictures or 'excessive force'. If a cowboy needed apprehension for detention, attitude was adjusted accordingly. If his dead iron was drawn on me, my shot grouping mid mass was a matter of survival and not a matter of liability. It is shabby justice when the bad guy sues for rights, when their victims get life terms or the death sentence.

The fastest pursuit I ever had almost blew my hat off. Mr. Baker says that a radio signal travels faster than the pursued. To me a 45 bullet may not be like lightning, but shortens the ride. Besides, I couldn't carry a telegraph wire with me everywhere.  

There is a speech they have to give now called the ‘Miranda Rights’. Never met Miranda but she sure slows the process. I spent a lot of time on the dusty trail, so a passel of paperwork would interrupt my saloon time and doesn't do much for lassoing the criminals. If they rustled a horse, then how does writin’ a story about it make it justice? In my time, horse theft met with the hangman, not a spot on some television show. Never met a rustler smiling as he was headin' for the noose.

There is one thing that hasn't changed over the century. I had a partner by the name of the 'Widow Maker'. He took a bullet to save my life. I do like these bulletproof vests. Would have saved a lot of 'Badges' in my day.

If any low down scoundrel laid a hand on a lady, we took him behind the barn and gave him lesson. Can't even breathe on any Sidewinder like that now without makin' sure all the spellin' is right. There is group of people that don't cotton to the death sentence for severe crime against society. Well… guess they never have seen what these vermin have done and will continue unless they are stopped. Take some trail dirt in the face and don't wash it out from your eyes… maybe being really blind will open them.

Now I shall return to a time when men were men and bullets were cheaper. 

Just glad when I tracked, we had the right to protect ourselves; wouldn't want to fight the 'Animal Rights' groups today. Yes, I'm referring to the criminal sympathizers. Our methods may have been crude back in the day, but one thing is always the same; violent crime has no conscience or rules to abide by. I was shot dead by a varmit that wouldn't care about rights or being pampered in court. I may not be perfect, but I am a lawman, and my job is to keep people from harm. So if you reckon my justice is too harsh… you had better hide.


Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!    -   Bryce A Baker

*  *  *  *  *

The World is Missing the Point                                                                May 22, 2015

By author Bryce A Baker

Each day we experience a multitude of wildlife out back of our place; geese and their goslings, otters, pheasants, eagles, and on... it never gets uninspiring. No matter how bad a day, nature has a way of balancing one's mind back to the way all should be.

Sitting having my morning coffee and being given the privilege of watching these spectacles, brings back a quote from my childhood. A Native Elder told me to “watch the animals and learn.”

Four weeks ago, two Canada geese had five baby chicks emerge to this new world. Each day since, Rena and I have been watching these babies grow. The parents keep their young close for protection, providing a formidable wall for them against any threat that may come close.

Witnessing wildlife so often, has never lost my sense of awe. Each visual experience encapsulates a full understanding of what the Elder was trying to make me understand.

When I look at nature I see a weather channel, for they know what is coming. I see if there is threat, for they are wary. I know where there is water, for they lead me to it. They give me peace, for they are my prescription.   

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!    -  
Bryce A Baker

*  *  *  *  *

Tampon or to Not Tampon                                                                          May 8, 2015
By author Bryce A Baker           

Tampon or to not tampon, that is the question.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am all for women's rights, but in the Canadian news today is a target for my criticism.

The NDP leader has a push to have the GST tax removed from female hygiene products, like tampons…

Let me get myself together for a minute…

She feels it is unfair to women to be taxed for such.

Instead of targeting taxes that keep food out of the mouths of children or taxes that cripple seniors, or seriously hurt families that are struggling, she is fighting a segregated cause for women.

If this is any sample of her political agenda, then we seriously need a wake-up call for political malpractice.

It is understood that there will be other subjects for her to pursue to gather votes, but COME ON.

Since we are on the subject of government stupidity, there is another serious concern I have.

Tampon tax is a brutal attack on us, but…

As usual, a topic of concern blasted me in the eyes from a newspaper article. Our illustrious government is cutting resources and staff with the Conservation Officers in our province. Like all other essential services, they are taking a beating.

If the Conservation Services continue in its bureaucratic demise, there will be open season on every wild animal in our province, with no consequence. 

Now, considering the brutal abuse of government spending for political wealth and mishandling, we are faced with irreparable damage. What is more important; million dollar severance packages or our wild animals and environment?

Coming from a law enforcement background, I compare it to public safety. If there were no police to protect, our lives would be destroyed from the criminal element. If there is no conservation, there is no environment, and our wildlife is unfair game for poachers.

In conclusion; A Politician is fighting against a tax of minor consequence compared to the REAL concerns that should be in the forefront. The other item is that she is igniting a political platform based on gender. There are a lot of women that have struggled against this prejudice to gain ground for equality.

I do understand that these items of female necessity are expensive, but we have to realize more critical taxes that need rethinking first.

Open now, is the expensive taxed necessities for senior's hygiene products, kid's diapers, and so on.

I guess it now 'depends' on if she gets elected.    

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!    -  
Bryce A Baker

*  *  *  *  *

Politically Incorrect                                                                                    April 24, 2015
By author Bryce A Baker   

This last week I happened across an article on the web about a grade eight girl that raised a controversy with her class group photo. On her black T-shirt boldly expressed 'Feminist' in bright paint.

In law enforcement there is a classification called 'Appropriate Use'. Self explanatory; One does not carry a hunting knife into a Walmart, or wear a bikini to the mall… (okay, maybe I could cut slack on the bikini....) and one does not pass wind on a hot bus.

In our democratic society, citizens have the right to express themselves in whatever way appropriate to the situation or locale. They have the right to verbally speak or write their views on their beliefs. Or so I'm told. BUT in comes a rule that I personally feel is APPROPRIATE.

Understandably, some misguided souls feel their expression of opinion is their God given right, no matter when or where or how.

For me to run naked through downtown scaring the locals, just because 'I' have the right, just isn't appropriate. It would give me my fifteen minutes of fame and a room for the night, but common sense says no, and so does my wife.  

Personally, woman's rights have a definite place, as long as it follows the guidelines of our 'Man's' domain… just kidding. That isn't appropriate.

Setting aside what personal message this young girl felt necessary to have posted into posterity with the class photo, she was stepping out of consideration for others. Her expression was inappropriate at that time.

Where is the line drawn? Shall class photos be a medium for political or moral rights? Shall students have profanity, or political statement shadowing what is simply a photo for students to reflect back on in the future?

Off subject slightly, but pertinent: There is an 18 year old of middle eastern decent in Washington state that strapped a fake suicide bomber belt of explosives around his waist to ask a girl to the prom. He thought it would be funny. Considering the thousands that have died from real suicide bombers and school shootings, this idiot should be given a tour of a war zone to see how funny it is.

Reading the feedback to these stories, mostly showed a common sense understanding of these actions, but then there are the people that feel these individuals had the RIGHT to say whatever at any cost. Let someone do something inappropriate to them, and see how loud they scream "INAPPROPRIATE!"

There is a garment out for men called a 'Mankini'. The pictures of said garment show that it is not appropriate for any sane man to wear in private let alone on a beach. Pert near upchucked my cookies.

Now, I am aware that what I have said is politically incorrect, but it IS appropriate.

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!    -  
Bryce A Baker

*  *  *  *  *

Terrorist                                                                                                   April 10, 2015
By author Bryce A Baker             

We are in the midst of World War III whether the population will admit it or not.

Throughout human history, our persistent gravitational pull has been to destroy each other; mostly to dominate other cultures or populations.

Let's start relatively recent, the War of Independence between England and the New Colonies, now known as the United States. During that war, Colonists fought for freedom. Their reason is not the issue, but how they fought, is. They were charged with treason against England. There were morally questionable acts of violence on both sides, but in this war, these acts were understood. Both sides were discernible in battle by uniform or flag.

In the first and second world wars, again the ranks of the enemy were identified with exception to the spies or the underground allied resistance.

Korea, again, is similar. But in Vietnam, war took on a hidden genre; that of the dark side, contrary to the Geneva Convention. These fighters of the jungle waged war without uniform and hid in tunnels under the ground and booby trapped with brutal inhumane death weapons.

In my opinion, these wars were a horrid waste of lives because of an unwarranted force of threat against us, yet our people were called to defend freedom.  

With this; in recent decades a new killer has slid out from under the rocks. They are void of conscience and an unidentifiable uniform. They strike and crawl back into their evil hole. A warrior doesn't use pregnant women or children strapped to bombs, to walk into a public place and kill innocent people.

If a war is to be fought, then let the soldiers do battle and keep the innocent out of it.

There are endless arguments about how the World Wars took innocent lives on both sides, but this is a different battle field that encompasses malls, public buildings where children are. If the enemy has a beef with another government, I fail to see how these cowards can be fighting for a just cause, under a manipulated religion as a reason for carnage. They are straight from the bowels of Hell, with Satan as their general.

These creatures are not soldiers when they cowl behind anonymity. There is no honor in killing women and children. There is no honor in their use, of a misused religion. They are simply psychotic, random killers with no purposeful outcome. They are not human. For them, to commit a suicide bombing so they can go to their heaven so they can have a multitude of virgins, is a sick depiction of evil. Taking babies from their bassinets and throwing them to the floor of the hospital maternity ward, expresses their true being. Cutting the heads off of kidnapped victims escapes any rational.

This World War is altering our right to freedom in a way never experienced in history.

What befuddles me is that our population demonstrates against racial prejudices, but turn a blind eye and don’t demonstrate against killers of innocent men, women and children by a hideous regime of murderers; the ultimate in racial and religious injustice. A peaceful demonstration would show support to our men and woman that are fighting, and dying, against this hidden enemy. It would show we are not going to succumb to their terrorism.

This doesn't mean we target people unrelated amongst us with a religion the terrorists are using as their misaligned ideology.

These are 'terror' ists, not soldiers fighting a war with innocent causalities.

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

Callow Pride                                                                                           March 27, 2015
By author Bryce A Baker              

Over the years, chasing bad guys as well as post retirement security work, the main element involved in confrontation is the overabundance of misdirected pride.

Pride in one’s work, hobby, or family in reasonable terms is healthy, but in a state of anger or envy, is a mental nuclear explosive that levels a wide circumference of collateral carnage. ‘Try saying that in one breath!’ 

Several years ago, while working security in the emergency department at the hospital, I got a dispatch about a belligerent man creating havoc in the waiting room. He was loud and swearing when I got there. He made several comments that he was an iron worker and I was just an ‘old guy’ and could take me. It came time to provide him an escort outside to leave, at which time his pride overrode common sense and raised a fist to me to strike. Now, as he was apologizing profusely from his face down, locked position on the ground… this old man let him sit quietly on the curb to await the summoned police. His subdued pride and tone reflected his awareness that pride does not beat experience and patience. It was agreed that he would go cool down and come back later in a proper mindset. Later that morning he did return to apologize for his behavior.

As an instructor, I emphasized the only way to defuse is to keep pride vacant and use common sense as a weapon. Mind you, dealing with some required much, much more common sense.

If you look at anything in the human disorder, misdirected pride is the culprit for the decline of intelligent resolution. For example; gangs, 1 ‘percenters’ (outlaw bikers), relationships, work, sports… everything!

Don’t get me wrong… I have personally breached stupidity on many thousands of occasions, but do recognize we are all guilty at some point or another.

One thing I did learn as a detective and body guard; one’s mouth needs to work in close proximity with the brain to refrain from pouring more fuel on the fire.

Just this week I have personally bit my tongue and swallowed my pride and as a result, my wife saved the energy of bailing me out of jail. Now, I may be looked at in this situation as weak and at a loss, but I was not the one that stood as an idiot aggressor. If the eyes could see and the mouth would speak in silence there would be no loser in the battle of pride.  

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

I Rest My Case                                                                                     March 13, 2015
By author Bryce A Baker 

We are buried in a wayward society that only partially understands and appreciates what has been given them. Each time I write this article, it reflects what I perceive in my world and the elements around it. For some, it is easy to get lost in the bustle of going nowhere. There are so many negatives in life that the great things sometimes get shadowed or overlooked.

My schedule is such that it is rare that my day doesn't include many hours of multitasking between the different projects that are on the go. When I do take a day off, Rena pert near has to duct tape me to my lounge chair to keep me from 'tinkering' in the shop. I guess that is part and parcel of having ADHD.

So what does all this have to do with the scurry of thoughts through the space between my ears? Well... as I look back over the years, there have been irretrievable moments that are deeply missed. But as I sit contemplating my next book, many scenarios about the 'what ifs' gives me volumes of manipulative data to build on.

It is said that many people think outside the box, which confuses me. What box? As a writer, drifting into another world gives me an appreciation of all that has been in my real world. Including the bad from which there has been lesson. It would be much appreciated though, that the 'lessons' be reduced now.

If I arrange a sentence in a certain way it can be interpreted in many ways and sometimes not as intended. In life, I may do something and be interpreted pro or con. So, in our world, the negative may just be a misinterpretation.

Now being married four times and divorced three, I can honestly say without a doubt my theory is based on that nasty word. In the heat of an argument, rational thinking takes flight and swords are crossed in haste. Confused pride takes over and the result is my sore back from sleeping on the couch. Most marital arguments need both parties to be stupid at the same time, so a day or two of cool down is a practical solution to allow our brains to regroup. With Rena and I, we are blessed with a great loving relationship that have arguments that last only seconds. Our ADD and ADHD provide us with a buffer. We either forget what we are arguing about or we lose interest.

One of the largest negatives is when a son or daughter has been misled by manipulation of accusations. There is no winner or boostable success. Over and over the friction caused to the child is a selfish tool by the responsible parent. In a divorce where children are involved, a parental battle only hurts the child. There is no prize for being an idiot.

So what is my point? If we speak, think first. If we act, use discretion. If we make a mistake, admit it… then RUN really fast!

In all seriousness, why don't we just shut up and use sign language.      
Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

A Walk                                                                                                     February 27, 2015
By author Bryce A Baker              

We live in an age of virtual reality since our world has overwhelmingly integrated computers into our lives and daily routine.

It is my belief that there is another virtual world few can understand. It isn't a screen interfaced with a program or programmer's imagination. It isn't a game or intellectual pass time. 

There is a hidden virtual battle that seeks its prey when we are at our weakest.

No matter what spiritual understanding we have, there are forces ablaze tearing us apart from inside.

I was once asked if I believe in a higher entity. My response was that because of the horrors witnessed in my work, there must be a light that shines. A positive outpost from where we can find shelter from the darkness of evil. I have sought out this place of light but have still struggled to keep my faith.

Some expect that if they believe in their God that all will be given. To those that understand; the path is riddled with virtual diversion. One needs to dress themselves every day, but aren't free from the responsibility to put a belt on to keep their pants up or be wary of a splash from a mud puddle.

Even though one of my routines is to avoid watching the news, its word still reaches home. Buried deep amongst all the information thrust into our faces by the media is a little known bright side of information that says there are people on this earth that do care and extend a hand to those that are hurt. Unfortunately, it is more newsworthy to report a shooting or violent event.

So what is my point of these words put forth in frustration? It is simple in terms, but radical in a spiritual war against the forces destroying us. We need to learn how to live.

In the Christian Bible, a Man stepped this earth with a 'soul' purpose, and was put to death to give the people forgiveness. Nothing changed. Nothing learned. We still feel it necessary to kill each other out of greed, hate, jealousy and power.

The other morning I sat having coffee with a man that witnessed the bombing of London during the Second World War. As he spoke of the waste of humanity because of an evil creature seeking power, he said there was peace in the countryside where children were taken for safe haven. He and I share a commonality. He found great understanding by sitting and experiencing the quiet in nature far from the ravages of war.

There is a gift in our world that is far from taking another's land or for that matter life.

We need to believe in a miracle; a gift of peace and a force against evil.

A virtual world.

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

Mental Health Warning                                                                         February 13, 2015  
By author Bryce A Baker            

This coming Saturday is a day of romance. Heart told, it is a day that should engulf us with emotions of love to our special person. Valentine's day has naked, winged... whatever they are, buzzing around shooting people with arrows! Or so I am told. Is this a weapon of mass destruction, or a ploy to have us succumb to our weaknesses?

In a late breaking news advisement between my memory and conscience mind, I just found out the Easter Rabbit is a fraud; because rabbits can't lay eggs. Devastation is an understatement. All the holidays I patiently waited for are now under suspicion of deception. Do we classify these horrid acts as a mental homicide, or is the government going to cover up this social scam as usual? Are we being coerced into false holidays so our leaders can take extra days off with pay? Of course they will pretend all is okay, but this sheep is not going to aimlessly follow the herd any longer. I shall set forth to find the truth. My mission will take me to the far reaches of this earth, and what is left of my sanity, but I shall find the truth.

It is difficult for me to have to write about this atrocity to humanity, but feel it is my duty. The pain seems to sear through every nerve trying to understand that even my mentor, Santa, is only a figment of some plot.

Fortunately, I have a gift card for Psychiatric visits, so my stability will be sustained. It may not be so for the poor that can't afford such help.

What in this world shall come to light next... Shall we be told that milk and cookies are not to be mixed, or gingerbread is not a house construction material? When will this nightmare end... When will it end?

All the years of life on this earth we have been led through the valley of fibs.

So in light of all this; how do we know these naked, arrow slinging thingy's, are not just another way to crowd our minds with 'stuff'. I know that is a technical word, but bear with me until there is resolution.

On Saturday, be careful not to get hit by a stray arrow or get one of those propaganda Valentine's Day cards, for you could be the next victim to fall into this illicit con.

Now, off I go to have cookies and milk before that is found to be only a hoax.

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

In our own Defense                                                                               January 30, 2015
By author Bryce A Baker   

Over and over I hear the bleeding hearts say guns should be outlawed. It would be a Godsend if this world and our society did without them, BUT this isn’t so.

This is going to be the last time I speak on the subject because the truth of the matter is, it is hard enough to defend against the bad guys. But the ignorant in society seem to like their callow voice heard. I am sick of the subject.

First of all it is a mass of registration to obtain a restricted gun license and the rules of same are strict. Can’t say the same for street slime or organized crime. I have guns for competition shooting, sport target and defense.

I am about to tell a story that is one of many. I know the facts first hand because it was me. August 1994.

‘It is 11 PM on a dark back street. On the other side is a group of eight teens. They are harassing anyone that share the sidewalk. They turn down another street where there is only one male in his early twenties and about six feet. The teens start to beat on him, but he got away on a run across the street where he is tackled right in front of me, at which time a lone teen continues to punch him repeatedly. Without thinking, I grab the teen by the scruff of the neck and pull him off.

My first thought is that I am a dead man, as the rest of the group crosses.

I tell the victim to leave, which he does.

The teens are between 12 and 17. Six males and two females. I later learned they were from Surrey, and to get into the gang, one had to beat someone to death.

They form a half circle about eight feet away from me.

The leader spoke with a Hispanic rap voice. He repeatedly refers to me as ‘white boy’ and wants to know if I want to fight, and what my problem is.

I put my hand under my jacket as though I had it on my shoulder holstered gun.

My tone is calm and I tell them I am tired and just want to go home, so just go to the other side of the street to jerk off and impress their female groupies. Just get away from me.

The leader again asks if I am looking for a fight and seems intrigued by where my hand is. He asks if I am a cop. I tell him he doesn’t want to know.

I wait for them to move in on me, but they don’t.

 It is an insult to a gang member to turn your back on them, but I do one better, I walk right through the center of them to clear the area. I didn’t look back. All I get is a swat on the shoulder. So if only that, and I am still standing… all is good.’

Now… I feel I had a million Guardian Angels protecting me that night, but the point of this story is obvious. The threat of a gun was a deterrent and if pulled, may have saved my life. It is a fact that they were armed with illegal guns and knives, but my point is: If you are a bleeding heart, anti-gun lobbyist; how would you feel living or dying through this incident without a defense?

Millions die every day in violent ways without the use of a gun. A gun incident is brought to the forefront in the news because of its stature.

Walk in my shoes down a dark street and tell the maggots not to hurt you, because you are a passive and don’t have a gun to defend yourself. I’m sure they will tip their hat to you and walk away.
Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

The Right to Live Free                                                                           January 16, 2015
By author Bryce A Baker   

Deep down in my psychological makeup dwells a funny bone. Without that sense of humor, there would be another occupied room in the psych ward. No matter how hard I brush off the negative in this world, it comes to haunt like an ex-wife. Looking to see the sunshine on a cloudy day may seem useless, but there I am with suntan lotion and sunglasses. Now in opposition to my giggle sessions with myself, the dirty real world rears its ugly head. I have a bad habit of venting what I feel is derogatory to our well being; as is laid out below.

I am a Christian, and as part of a spiritual realm that has been defaced by fraud, corruption, and false profits, my spirit and belief in my Savior and God holds strong to be an example of a true Christian to the best of my ability. Now, admittedly the roller coaster ride to where I am now has been, and will always be, far from perfect but at least I am trying. Satan is recognized as my enemy, with nothing in his evil cauldron that can bring me to his dinner table.

With this introduction comes a time to verbally remove the stone in my boot. Silence to me is like thanking a burglar for stealing.

Over a slow, decisive planned program through the years, we in Canada are seeing our rights of freedom take flight. In 1985 the child protection laws severed the right for a parent to discipline their child. Teachers, adults, law enforcement, or anyone was curtailed to teach responsibility to the minors. If the law was to protect the child from abuse I could be behind it a thousand percent. No child should be abused, but with the enactment of this destructive law the child is taught the loop hole of defiance and shrug free from responsibility. From what was alleged as a protective measure to protect children, is filling our jails and even more horrid; killing innocent people.

Speaking of which; what happened to the right to defend ourselves. In a democracy, if the time arises that we need to defend ourselves or family, we open ourselves up to more than the assault itself. Our system gives more rights of democracy to the criminals. We are susceptible to lawsuit by the assailant if we out-step our line of defense, but the criminal has an open book of rights. If we have an intruder break in we must abide by what we are told are our ‘rules of defense’. Ask elderly survivors of home invasions of the ‘laws’ shielding the criminals that violated them.

Surely steps of regulation are necessary, but tell that to the victims.

We are a multicultural country and each has their way of worship or ethnic beliefs. That’s great, but when we are told to say ‘Happy Holidays’ instead of ‘Merry Christmas’ because we may insult another ethnic group, I choke.

The Bible has been removed from public schools and not allowed to be read there. Yet, educational books on gay relationships are readily available. I know this sounds prejudicial against gays, but I don’t care what they prefer for gender. That’s not my point. If we are being dictated to what we can say or read or freedom of said right, then we are slowly and most assuredly falling into Hell’s cauldron.

There has been an issue that has been biting me in the butt for some time now. A recently re-signed agreement with the States gives them the right to move their border a hundred miles into Canada in the event of American Marshal Law. This agreement speaks for itself. Now, unless I am misunderstanding this agreement, most of our population will be in that zone of attention.

Canada is a place I was born and have, and will continue to fight for the right to a free country. We have the best country in the world and through my eyes our freedom is being cut from our constitution. We each have a right to worship or believe freely no matter what faith or ethnicity. We have a freedom of speech as well as the written word. Our soldiers, and all that keep our country safe, shouldn’t see that lost to groups of spiritual pirates pillaging our lives.

I have had to battle WCB, which has no governing agency and can do anything they want. Unethical taxes are levied against us by our elected government, yet we have no say in their decisions to levy said taxes. Our tax dollars are blatantly abused, yet again we have no true opportunity to audit them though they can seize at will, our bank accounts or property. Our seniors have paid their way but are still taxed. So why is it, they can go ungoverned but we have to follow strict rules of behavior?

Understandably guidelines are a necessity to maintain order, but a double standard isn’t democracy.

In summary, I would die to defend our country to maintain what used to be freedom. Let us remember our history with lesson to open our eyes to the past mistakes.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of censorship and duct tape, I shall fear no critic, for my faith and my laptop are with me. May the blind see and the corrupt fall.

Where’s my suntan lotion?
Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

The Cost of Lonely                                                                                     January 2, 2015
By author Bryce A Baker   

Since the beginning of time there have been, and will remain, the vermin that prey on those that are susceptible to their vile character. Individuals that are unable to understand the concept of working for a living, void of conscience. Of course I speak of con men/women.

It is sad to hear the stories and read in the news of those that have lost property or life savings. Someone that has worked their entire life for retirement only to have it vacuumed out from underneath them.

The internet has provided a risk free environment to which they hide behind in anonymity. Virtually untraceable, pun intended.

Personally, there have been several attempts by unknown individuals online that email scam conversations drawing an opportunity to initiate a relationship or business opportunity that sounds too good to be true. Out of the thousands of these emails sent the percentage of their success rate by them to convince is providing a multi-billion dollar business. Elderly or lonely individuals are their prime target and unfortunately when an individual gets the attention they so miss, they can be swallowed in deceit quite easily. Even with advise of warning by family or friends, they hide the truth of suspicion through desperation, or in fact greed that these scams could make them rich overnight.

An eighty five year old man with substantial wealth communicated with one such Russian thirty year old harlot. She convinced him to sponsor her to come to Canada to work on a relationship with him. After a short time she basically told him to take a hike. He went to immigration and advised them of the situation to have her deported back. Unfortunately, they said that since he sponsored her for two years, it is his responsibility to pay for her support. She pursued citizenship and got it at his expense.

Offshore ‘brides’ are a scam… ALL OF THEM! Wake up! The two main countries that provide these cons are Russia and China, where organized crime functions as matchmakers. It is but a branch of business for them, allowing contacts to be sponsored to our country.

A friend contacted me some time back about an offer to purchase a motorized chair of her late grandmothers that was listed for sale. The email offered to purchase and would send a check and have someone arrange a pickup of said chair. They received a Bank of Scotland check for five thousand dollars even though the purchase price was only fifteen hundred. A subsequent email said to cash the check and mail the difference back. It takes several days to clear a deposit check, so if they were to draw cash on their own and send it out, it would be too late when it bounces.

I traced a series of different diversionary internet locations in Africa, Europe, down to Texas. When I contacted the FBI in Texas they asked if my friend actually sent them money or a fraud was completed. I responded no. They said they can’t investigate until the crime is committed, and considering their extreme organization they wouldn’t be able to trace them anyway.

Organized crime has found a risk free avenue of bringing in billions through the internet and identity theft.

Loneliness is a terrible isolation, but even with common sense in a fog we should not give in to a virtual love. The female on the other side has organized crime as a big brother.

The inherent greed that even an honest person possesses will be tested by these vultures that will be picking at your bones.

If I want a friend, a love, or a business, the internet is a great way to cross borders in communication, but when money is used as a tool to draw it, is a curse.

I worked with a fellow that had a great personality, but his looks were not what most women would be drawn to. He told me one day that he had a new girlfriend on the internet from Russia. He was twitterpated with her. His excitement that she was coming to visit after he sent her money for the trip overwhelmed him. The picture he showed me was that of a mid-twenties model type. To see the bright light that shone inside him at the prospect of the relationship twisted my insides. I wanted in the worst way to warn him but couldn’t do it.

These creatures prey on people like my friend and millions of others, with nothing we can do about it. I have said it before and I say it again: Come out from underneath that rock and meet me face to face and see how much is left after.

The old saying of ‘What goes around, comes around’, has little reprieve by the victims. The wake of destruction affects us all.

Trust is a virtue of a great person. When it is breached it is a crime of hearts. 
Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

Pride and the Prejudice                                                                        December 5, 2014  By author Bryce A Baker              

There is no shortage of subject matter to go on about. Not so long ago someone said they wanted to read my… (For column sake I will use another word) ‘compliant’ articles…  It was a backhanded compliment in a way. Yes, I voice my opinion, but it is not that way… OKAY maybe it is. We all accept daily things with a grain of salt; which allows ‘things’ to only worsen. If we don’t stand up for what we feel is just or fair, then we are but sheep. 

Again I speak about prejudice, but this is what we all face without giving our true opinion. We are afraid of reprisal without merit, being labelled a bigot. Well, I am going to voice my experience without prejudice. It’s obvious there are people out there that are just ignorant with roots of hate. This is not me. Prejudice is set in stone as the building block of war and destruction. Isn’t there enough BS to live with?

As a kid, I played and buddied at school with Native children from our area. We played without thought of difference of race or religion. As an adult I was partnered with Native, East Indian, Caucasian, as well as many others and it made no difference in our work relationship.

That said, the verbal and unethical abuse I received from ethnic critics was, and still remains disgusting. We are Canadians, not separate entities to vent stupidity. For example;  

- I had a house I was renovating in Surrey a number of years ago. I couldn’t get a construction permit unless I used East Indian trades people.

- There is a sign in West Kelowna at a fenced park. ‘For use by First Nations Only’.

- A lady that broke off a relationship with me married a really nice Jamaican man but his family wouldn’t accept her into the family because she is white.

- There have been endless news video and quotes by many races stating their hatred for the white man, but if we say anything similar we make front page news as a bigot.

Being called a ‘white man’ insults every human being on this earth. Being told the only reason I am arresting them is because of their race is a quote of a sick individual. Hearing African Americans call each other ‘Nigger’ and yet if we make the life altering mistake of uttering that word a riot ensues.

Speaking of riots!!!!!

Considering the mega thousands of cops in Canada and the States, it is obvious there are going to be bad ones. These are the rotten apples in the basket that make it harder for the good ones to do their job. Mistakes and wrong decisions are made, but a destructive racial riot doesn’t solve the problem! Cops are killed every day by many races, but I don’t see public outcry for their injustice! An officer was shot in Kamloops just yesterday after stopping a car late at night and was critically injured. He is a father of two children and a husband. He was just doing his job. Without law enforcement officers, we cannot walk the streets.

I can personally give you thousands of personal incidents of reverse prejudice but I am sure you’ve got the picture. Now some will misconstrue my opinion as being a bigot but that is my point; the worst critics can’t face where they are seated.

Prejudice branches of a tree definitely need to be pruned to where we see each other as people.

Many times I have considered stopping writing ‘Correct Me If I’m Wrong’ because deep down I know nothing will change, but it is my written voice in a hearing impaired world.

My next CMIIW will be after Christmas so all have a safe holiday, and contrary to non-Christian critics… MERRY CHRISTMAS and may God bless.
Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

Zombie Technology                                                                             November 20, 2014
By author Bryce A Baker    

When I started playing with big cars forty two years ago, I was immersed in a hobby that changed my life. I was a ‘greaser’, buried in a world of road thunder and speed; which brings me to this article.

In the course of my restoration builds, my projects were usually old machines that needed life and fire brought back into them. If it was mechanical, my hands and arms were covered in oil mixed with grease. If we wanted more horsepower, we modified the engine with mechanical parts.

Over the decades, vehicles have been substantially improved for driver and passenger safety, with air bags, reinforcement of the body and so on. BUT… we have entered an age of high priced disposable garbage supported on four wheels. I just finished rebuilding a 94 Suburban. Great body style, but a nightmare of computer driven, hair pulling entanglement of idiotic electronics.

There was a time when a simple mechanical part did more than a good job, and cost a fraction of what they are now. Has the buying public become so stupid that the manufacturers are can coddle our wallet with equipment that is totally impractical as well as dangerous? If we have become so complacent with our driving skills that we depend on a computer to park our car or warn us of an impending collision, then we are in deep trouble. It is called ‘paying attention to our own driving’ as well as ‘grab some real driving skills’. Personally, I prefer to be in real control without the aid of a computer. Pretty soon the demanding public is going to want computer controlled grocery carts! That’s when all hell will break loose!

Now let’s figure the economics of the new vehicle. The average cost of the average wheeled computer is around twenty five thousand. Let’s also take into account it lasts five years as opposed to the decades of life their mechanical ancestors lived. We are paying five thousand a year, plus fuel, plus past warranty repairs, plus, plus, plus. AND these vehicles cannot be restored because of the electronics! Now maybe some people have succumbed to the auto industry marketing but I haven’t.

Ironically, a properly restored vintage vehicle sells for more than a new car. The auto manufactures noticed, so they did retro designs of the old machines. The proof is in the statement. Unfortunately, these retros are laced with wire nightmares that make them impractical to expect to rebuild them.

OHHHH… and gas mileage!!!! My 66 Chevelle got twenty five miles to the gallon with old mechanics. The gas mileage of the new trucks and cars are offset by the extreme high cost of upkeep. My 89 4x4 gets twenty miles to the gallon and more power with a rebuilt pre 1984 V8. Most of the electronics were removed.

This body of mine is approaching six decades, with no electronics. Mind you, parts are now obsolete. But that’s another article.


As you drive down the road next time, consider this: The new car next to you, traveling at a hundred kilometers an hour, could have a computer crash or a psychological meltdown and fry some of its wires. Its sensors may consider you a threat. Then it passes its data through its computer link through the satellites causing other cars to malfunction. We will be in a world of zombie motor vehicles!... A new version of a zombie apocalypse!

No matter what happens… I think mechanical is forever, except when broke down.

Happy motoring.
Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

Irritated,  WWJD                                                                                 October 25, 2014
By author Bryce A Baker              

In this modern world we are surrounded by many events that irritate our mental, emotional and spiritual stability. If I may, I am going to share some of the items that rock, or have rocked my world. Coming from a world of Criminal Investigation the list is rather substantial, but I will reduce it to a few thousand. Let me also state that the question, “What would Jesus do?” is tattooed on my brain cells. Unfortunately those brain cells are smudged on occasion. Oh, and with His Spirit I have maintained a relative state of sanity.
Being irritated has an action, reaction when experienced, which at times can get one into serious trouble. How we handle these events is our responsibility. Sometimes biting our tongue will not suffice and we explode into an irrational episode of stupidity, followed by the shock of reality blasting us in the face.
Things that have irritated me;
ACTION: Working for months on a case only to have a typo error have it thrown out of court. 
   REACTION: Learn to type.
ACTION: Being in a shootout and running out of bullets.

   REACTION: Go for a donut and coffee and hope the bad guy leaves.
ACTION: Pulling someone over for speeding and locking myself out of the police car.

   REACTION: Walk for a donut and coffee.
ACTION: It taking miles for someone you are pulling over to hear and see your emergency siren and lights. Then state they didn’t see me behind them. 
   REACTION: Flatten their tires.
ACTION: Having a youth that has just stolen a car state, “I’m underage! You can’t touch me!”
   REACTION: Flatten the tires on their skateboard.
ACTION: Halfway through my coffee and donut and get a call out.
   REACTION: Get them to go.
ACTION: Arresting someone with a gun and they state, “I have a license for that.” A fishing license isn’t a gun license!
   REACTION: Giving up on trying to figure out the criminal mind.
So you see life is irritating, but if we handle it in a rational, spiritual way, all can be good.

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

Biting the Bullet                                                                                       October 3, 2014
By author Bryce A Baker          

Again in the news there is again in the news there is a killer of man that is claiming temporary insanity for his crime.

When are the lawmakers and the judicial system going to wake up?

Through my career I have looked into the eyes of many that have no qualms to hurt or destroy without remorse. Like most in that industry, the vacuum of the futile battle for justice empties those that care. 

For the life of me, I can’t understand why humans need to invade other villages to pillage. Why do humans need to cut another down to make themselves feel superior. Our history of violence started when man made his first footprint on this earth and even though we have experienced the lesson of war, we have learned nothing; leaving in our wake a world ravaged by the insane leading the flock of savages.

I do understand that Satan has his venom flowing deep in our world, but that battle is forthcoming.

Many years ago I worked a brutal case that saw no justice for the family’s great loss. This family approached me and offered fifty thousand dollars to ‘fix’ the sadistic creature responsible. I would have done the job for free, but the difference between revenge and justice stretched a fine line. Seeing him walk free curdled my blood.

Getting back to our world: No matter how many losses we log in our journal of growth as a ‘civilized society’ we continue to saddle the ‘Four Horses of the Apocalypse’. No matter what words I write, or creatures battled, I sit at a loss.

There have been times when I had to take the step to use force, but only as a last resort. I heard a saying once, ‘Strength through peace and peace through strength’. At first it struck me as derogatory, but as I developed as a bodyguard and a detective it clarified. I had to be a force to be reckoned with to keep the peace. It is a sad state of affairs.

It is rather funny; I got a review on Amazon from a lady regarding my book ‘Ghosts of Time’. The content of what she said confirmed exactly what the first page said about society in general. She missed the point completely, because of social programming. Ironically, she still liked the book.

‘Ghosts of Time’ has a great deal to do with what I am saying in this article.

Rena has said to me that she would live in a cardboard box if need be, as long as we are together. This is how the world should look to one another.  But, to be realistic… it would be rather crowded.

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

Baby Boomers                                                                                     September 12, 2014
By author Bryce A Baker              

As a member of the ‘Boomer’ generation, I share the most incredible extent of social and technological changes that have molded our lives over the last sixty years. But aside from witnessing man landing on the moon, eight track tapes developing to CD’s or iPods, or to cars parking themselves, there has been an immortal characteristic that has romanced our hearts and souls. I speak of ‘50s and ‘60s rock and roll. From Do Wop to soul, we have danced, cried, lost and gained to a song seated in our memory. These tunes have something that can never be matched or have the deep impact they integrated into our lives. They spoke from a generation that understood what real romance is. They spoke of experience and realistic, somewhat moral growth. They didn’t portray a social understanding by swearing every second word or promoting anarchistic stupidity.

My step son drove me in his car once. He cranked the tunes like I did at his age but unlike driving the strip to the Beach Boys or swooning my girlfriend with Jay and the Americans the reverberating yelling of antisocial phrases and violence shattered my eardrums. When I had my chance I asked him that it must be interesting romancing his girlfriend to this rap crap. He has no idea what romance is.

There were some antisocial music back in the fifties and sixties but it didn’t carry a gun or an extreme foul mouth. Call me old fashioned, but that’s a label I can be proud of.

I love working in the shop on a custom ride to the sounds of my past that give me peace, love in my heart, and bomp and boogie to the great old times. They energize my spirit. People say we shouldn’t keep rehashing our past, but I love to, so there!

Our music will never fade away into oblivion because we have been sharing our space with a sound that soothes the savage beast and melts the barrier between men and woman.

Our generation has had its faults along with its mistakes but when we listen to our music we can proudly say “I’m a Boomer!” 

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

Just Another One of Those Things                                                              July 25, 2014
By author Bryce A Baker  

There is an old saying: It is better to keep silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and prove it.

If that is the case, then I would rather say my piece. Who are they to judge? Besides, making mistakes builds character and it can be rather entertaining.

Given the fact that I have stuck my foot in my mouth thousands of times as well as wiggled my toes in the process, I feel that I am more than qualified to write on the subject.

I have ADHD, better referred to as ‘Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder’, partnered with fifty present hearing loss. If that isn’t an open invitation for an intellectually stimulating verbal anomaly, nothing is. My interpretation of conversation content can range from the mundane to psychologically analyzing the meaning of life itself. Sometimes these conversations actually include another person… which after reading their lips, considering their body language and eye movement, the aforementioned saying about silence should be incorporated into my lifestyle. 

Yesterday I had the privilege of having a conversation with a fellow that is in his forties and is diagnosed with ‘Functional Autism’. It is commonly understood that people with “LABELS” are a subspecies created for isolation and to be subtly ignored, but in fact, as we discussed, our “LABELS” are a gift from God to wreak havoc on the rest of the population. He is a very intelligent person with a high degree of intellectual abilities. So he may operate slightly different from mainstream society, but what he has to say should not be kept silent behind a social misunderstanding.

Most people see me as someone that could never be interpreted as hyper, but if they make the mistake of pushing the hazard button on my forehead, Lookout, because my voice box goes into overdrive! After all the years of being a detective I trained to be in control to keep my feet on the ground and my tongue silent. Now that I have retired from that career, the wake of victims is piling up. It is like being freed from the harness of taciturnity.

So what is my point and case? Well I am trying to justify my mistakes in an illogical misalignment of character excuses to make myself feel better. It seems to be working because no one wants to talk with me anymore!

To summarize. We are all different, with personalities and labels of many types, so why shut up. Maybe if we are honest, (within reasonable parameters) communicate more and let blister with what is on our mind, there would be less assumption with ascension to understanding.

This be my lesson for the day. Now go forth and be loud and don’t worry, just be able to run really fast.
Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

Hackers                                                                                                     July 11, 2014
By author Bryce A Baker              

I have a thorn in my shoe that is shared by the whole world. It affects our economy and national security with damages that are in the billions. It disrupts our peace and serenity… and believe me, I need all the serenity I can muster. They desecrate our private identity by robbing our names for financial gain.

Recently, some low life had hacked into one of my Facebook pages and like in the past, as most have had to deal with, there were viruses and interruptions of proper computer function.

There are three creatures that top my list of social maggots. First, are child molesters; second are pimps; and following in close proximity, are hackers.

These slimy rejects from society have plagued us since the beginning. They don’t have a personality, or enough character to function in a regular employment and choose to share their inadequacy to prove their worthlessness.

There are three types of hackers; First is the ‘competitive’ loser that competes to land government jobs to work fire-walling other idiots from hacking systems; Then there are the companies that hack, and then sell you an antivirus system; Last and not least, the maggots that can’t even find a girlfriend, let alone a life. They spend hours, causing damage to others because they have no other amusement. As far as I am concerned, they are the typical bully with a severe case of inadequacy and insecurity. In my terms, maggots! That is insulting a maggot, my apologies to the M.R.A. (Maggot Rights Association).

To excel in computer tech abilities is a great accomplishment for progressive or positive social development. When the PC was presented to us, we became more business friendly with the world, dissolving borders.

The drug cartels are pursuing the extremely lucrative avenue of computer fraud through identity theft, credit card fraud or any crevice in the open market. They have discovered that they are hidden by an electronic freeway with no speed limit, or enough cops with to find and keep up with them in the maze.

There needs to be stronger force, and for that matter, ‘Law’ able to charge these creatures with not just fraud, but whatever else they can be charged with that is more severe than their crime. Or, if they would slither out from under their moldy filth, I would be more than willing to have a ‘discussion’ with them in person.

If I were an alien from another planet, I would look at the world as too corrupt to waste my time coming to invade, befriend or hook up to their internet.

So to all those that have been burned by this subspecies of snakes, let us stand firm… be patient, for one day a bolt of lightning will surge through all the internet and strike the hackers where it will hurt worst… a power outage.

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

What If                                                                                                        June 27, 2014
By author Bryce A Baker              

 When I was eighteen I moved to Calgary, Alberta, Canada with intent to go to college. My alternate plan if this didn’t work, was to go south to the States and join the Air Force to become a fighter pilot. As fate grabbed hold of my life, plans dramatically took their own direction.

Rena and I were discussing what things would have been like if I had, in fact, joined the Air Force and done a tour of duty in Vietnam. First thing she said was that we would have never met to be together now. But comparing notes, that may not have been the case. Because, unbeknownst to each other, we had actually crossed paths at least four times. We even talked once when I was doing an art show in Abbotsford in 1996.

To question what has been, or what could have been, is a perplexing dilemma. Over history, it is my belief that we may think we are in control of our daily events, but all we do is row the boat. What I mean by this is that we can plan, employ and walk in one direction with meaning, but our destiny seems to have a life of its own. This is the great building block of experience, adventure, and the incredible reality of the unknown.

Looking back personally through the pain, the glory, the explosion of adventure, there is no place for me to question a single moment. My destiny had two of the greatest gifts given to me: My son was born, and Rena ‘invaded’ my quiet phase of life! So, although mistakes and bad judgments may ruffle one’s feathers on occasion, or danced at the top of success, I do have one thing I can say for certain; I can’t hide from Rena!

As I wrote before, dwell not on what has been, but with lesson for the future.

 In closing; ‘What if’ is not an option, but an excuse for not paying attention to one’s growth.
Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

Testimony                                                                                                    June 13, 2014
By author Bryce A Baker   

Six years ago, the clutch blew in my ’89 Chev 4x4. She was tired and ready for the Boneyard, but I figured even though she was in that rough of shape, I would give her a new chance at life. I took her to the shop and tore her apart, down to the bare frame, and started the restoration. Because of the other projects, she was sidelined many times, so it took this long to finish the rebuild.

Through the fifteen hundred plus hours, she fought back, causing me bloodshed and injuries. Her resistance lasted to the very end, testing my patience; But, she is now with new life and attitude.

This story of restoration isn’t that different from my personal story. Like most others, life has torn at the soul and body; with time things can just overwhelm.

Fortunately, the good Lord looked down on me through my pits and valleys, never giving up on me. Instead of letting me terminate and to be sent to the Boneyard, He slowly regenerated my spirit. My body has taken a beating, and bodywork or a paint job just won’t cut it, but considering, a retreaded soul, I keep standing.

 I fought back like the ’89, with resistance to the restoration. I doubted with a stubborn denial that change can be brought to the light.

Now, the ’89 will still bring me grief and be stubborn, but no matter what, I will keep her safe. I will be there for her through all the trials and tribulations.

Today I give thanks for the good Lord who has never given up on me; being there forever.
Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

Hell Driven                                                                                                  May 30, 2014
By author Bryce A Baker              

One of the most publicly dangerous violations of safety is a lunatic in a stolen car.

Most aren’t aware of the gravity of how horrible these acts of theft can escalate into. Aside from the car thief that steals for profit, there is the ‘joy rider’. No matter which, they are a loaded gun waiting to be fired at an unsuspecting population.

When a thief steals a vehicle, the chance of a police pursuit is a possibility, which brings up a controversial subject. Some feel that law enforcement should not pursue in consideration of public safety. In other words, give the thieves a clear path to freedom to do whatever they want. Through the years, pursuit training for police officers has greatly changed with substantial protocols set in place for the safety of the public. Pursuits are necessary for a number of reasons due to the long list of crimes that take place involving motor vehicles.

If a driver fails to pull over when instructed, and a chase is initiated, I feel the driver of the vehicle should be charged with a threat level charge according to the severity of the event. This means that if it is a driver trying to shake the cop in a short trip away from sanity, then it would be a lesser ‘Felony’ charge. But if the driver is trying to elude by any means and an extreme threat, they should be charged with attempted murder, because they are premeditating the result.

The variations of why and how are many, so the punishment should match the crime. Anyone that decides to run has no thought for anyone’s life other than their own.

In 1993 I was in a felony pursuit of a middle aged woman that had a psychotic episode. I picked up the pursuit after she ran a city bus off the road, and me as an oncoming. The pursuit was nearly forty minutes long and soon escalated to a highway pursuit with more than ten cruisers. She severely damaged six cruisers and wrote off a unit that was placed across her path to stop her carnage. She almost hit a cyclist as well. The lady was placed in a hospital for sixty days for psychiatric evaluation and released with the diagnosis that she had a brief breakdown. No charges could be given because of the diagnosis. She was given her driver’s license back.

So it is my understanding, that for public safety, the bad guys need to be pursued in proper safety and levy a severe charge as a deterrent. Too many families have lost loved ones because a creature behind the wheel of an instrument of transportation and turned into a lethal weapon.

There needs to be a charge of attempted murder for anyone that steals a vehicle, pursuit or not! It isn’t a joke or a joy ride; it is a crime!
Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

Deadly Taxes                                                                                              May 16, 2014
By author Bryce A Baker              

A visit to the gas pump today again reminded me of how brutally the Canadian public is getting screwed. As on schedule, the gas companies shot the prices up just before a long weekend. If any in this country we live in feel that what we are getting shafted by is acceptable, then they are not sheep; they are STUPID sheep. We produce more than enough crude in this country to provide a reasonable price per liter and stimulate our economy back, so there isn’t the manipulated sense of financial security. Right after I pay and prepare to fuel my vehicle I feel bending over to let the oil company and government taxes finish the job, is almost mandatory.

Although this is my beef to start, it isn’t my main thought of the day. It comes to mind that we the people are the ones that vote for leadership in all areas of government, from municipal to federal and yet we have virtually no say as to which cattle prod they use on us. Coming from my background I know exactly what goes on behind our backs. A small example is the mayor of Toronto.

When we pay more for fuel, the chain reaction affects everything in our lives that is transported; which is everything. We don’t have extra pay check to do fun things or even support our children in a manner comparable to our employment. There used to be a middle class of wage earners, but now if you earn under 80,000 dollars a year you are in the poor end of the spectrum. It is poor or very rich with no buffer between. From a business stand point we are being bankrupted.

Looking from a government standpoint, they present us with taxes to support the infrastructure we need to survive in today’s world. This is a reasonable understanding but when the taxes exceed the income by ludicrous amounts, it means the infrastructure is supporting pockets that don’t feel putting food on the family table is important.

The Lottery was brought in originally to help take some burden off the tax payer to support essential services and reduce debt. If a jackpot can exceed 40 million, there has to be a gigantic intake of funds, but I don’t see any REAL funds making changes, ANYWHERE!

So let’s take into account; fuel tax, lottery, income tax, provincial tax, federal tax, land tax, water tax, environment tax, and on and on and on and on, we should have an infrastructure that would be the envy of the world. OH!!! There is a tax that is rather humorous; it is the death tax. Apparently when you die, someone from Revenue Canada crawls into your coffin demanding to get paid for letting you die.

Some years ago New Zealand was on the brink of bankruptcy. They came up with a solution and in just two years restored a good economy. They levied a 10 percent tax and made radical changes in the money base in a business structured arrangement. The structure is too simple for our government to understand so I won’t overwhelm them with the details and it would impede their spending habits.

I would write more but there is word out that our government is considering taxing us for using our computers, and besides I feel very emotionally taxed right now.

In closing I have no ill feelings for the oil companies that are killing our economy or our government that is choking us to death; and beyond. I am but a sheep following the idiot with the label of leadership.
Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

Butt of a Sick Joke                                                                                     May 3, 2014
By author Bryce A Baker              

Over the last couple of decades or more, the fashion trend for some young males has taken on a life of its own. Personally I feel it is an insult to masculinity and intelligence; I speak of the sagging pants. They are exposing more than their butts.

Out of curiosity I did extensive research and found some interesting information.

The lowered waist band originated without a doubt in the American prison system where it was reported that belts were not allowed to be worn and as a result pants drooped. Now from what I understand as well, the look signified an ownership by another inmate for sex.

Now I know what you are asking, and I am not going into details!

The sub culture of street youth adopted the look to portray their outlaw attitude. Then came the rap music persona, and so on, and so on… 

We all know how much of a grab it has had, and maintains on the rebel youth of today.

Now setting aside the meaning of the fashion statement, I found that getting in a foot pursuit with one of these youths is rather ironic. Given the fact that they are relating to their counterparts in the prison system, they can’t outrun a cop when they are attempting to keep their britches up and not tripping over them. Since their mentors are that of their ‘friendly buddies’ in jail, they will get the opportunity to truly understand what they are in for within the walls of a prison.

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but in relationship to how a person presents themselves, does in my opinion outline how and what their personalities are. To each to their own expression of how they dress, but speaking from extensive experience on the street and criminally analyzing those who perpetuate street crime; they do have a uniform along with a specific look.

Now with this said; I was working an undercover gig in Victoria mid ‘80s. I wandered into an all-night restaurant for a coffee in early hours, and sat at the counter. And sat. And sat. Finally the manager came up and refused service to me because he assumed I was a street criminal. In a way it was comical but it points out that either I fit the part I played or maybe I have an alternate lifestyle.

Anyway… there is an old saying; If you sag don’t brag. If you steal you can’t appeal. For later or sooner, you will have a new spooner. Your cell will be crowded. Your life will be forever clouded. So pull your pants up and be a man.

Okay… I made it up!

To summarize: I feel it isn’t a given right to walk down a public street looking like one has messed their pants or has an exhibitionistic fetish. It is not an expression of a positive contribution to our world. It is an expression of violence, crime, 'gangsta’, and a disregard for those around them!

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

Hate Draws Flies; Love Draws Angels                                                       April 18, 2014
By author Bryce A Baker              

Over the years, many people have come to me to release some of their pain through counsel, about family or misaligned accusations against them. They expressed that the gossip passed from one vile mouth to another about them, has crushed them emotionally.

These stories that people have shared with me are all too common, and are extremely brutal against those who try to do good in this world. It is a sad reality that some people need to degrade or seed a libelous statement against another, either out of jealousy or their own insecurities.

I, also, have personally been bombarded with this dirty sword, causing severe damage. In my career as a detective, it is accepted that the defense lawyers are going to try to discredit me and my arrest in some way, but when it comes to family or friends it can be devastating.

Many years ago, a good friend and counsel witnessed a personal encounter I had with someone I cared very deeply for. The vile content of that person’s accusations cut deep. After that person had left, my Pastor asked me if any of what was said is true. I told him simply, “No.” He smiled at me and said, “Then don’t worry, the truth will always surface.

Eventually it did, fortunately, in my lifetime. But sitting back and knowing the truth, when a relationship or contact with a family member has been restricted by deception and lies can cause many sleepless nights. Emotional damage like that can be hard to purge.

I have found, as a writer, I can create a character or situation that is only fiction, but the penned word can take on a surprising strength. It is my intention, and hope, that a positive influence may bring out the truth or have my readers understand things from a renewed perspective. These Correct Me If I Am Wrong articles are a way to explore avenues of what I have come to understand through experience and observation.

With that said:

There are some great people that have passed that I do miss. Growing up I didn't have the blessing of grandparents. My mom’s dad was a very hard worker; he passed well before I was born. My dad's father was a man that I would model my life after; he died when I was three. My grand moms passed before my teen years. I still miss my 19 year old uncle who passed in 1961 when I was only 6. He will remain my hero for giving his life to save his friend’s. Then there is Rena's dad who I never got the honor of meeting. He was a Bomber Pilot in WW2 and heavily decorated. I would have been in my glory sharing a drink with him.

There are others, of course, that are seated in a place above that are also missed, but my point is simple; Love those that share your time and cherish every second without the negative.

And when someone cuts you with a dirty sword, remember, eventually they themselves will be taken to the ground.
Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

The TV Made Me Do It                                                                                 April 4, 2014
By author Bryce A Baker              

Undoubtedly, most of us have watched TV or been to a movie or two. We have read comic books or utilized other means of absorbing mental stimulation from a media format.

This brings up a subject that has been controversial for years. ‘What, if any, influence has subject matter or character portrayal have on individuals or groups?’

As a writer I know for a fact that media does coerce us into alternate understandings and reaction. For instance, children emulate what they see in cartoons or television programing whether they be pro or con. Children function differently when they have taken into their own world their hero or mentor.

Back in the fifties and sixties the Three Stooges were accepted so much that children were hitting other children over the head with hammers believing that it is was only an opportunity for a laugh. The show eventually was banned.

Since then, we and our children have been inundated with books, TV shows, movies and the worst INFLUENCE, video games that are riddled with violence, along with a sociopathic escape from reality. Death or injury has become surreal to some individuals, resulting in actual events. 

Children do have a positive influence with comic heroes fortunately, and it does form a platform to adulthood.

The human mind is a fragile mass of a sponge like substance that absorbs all that is seen and heard. It analyzes the input then stores the data in pockets of negative or positive files to be operational when the time warrants. If the individual can be programmed to function without restraint or a conscience base, then bad things are bound to occur.

As adult’s, television hypnotizes us to follow what product or service we cannot live without. So the immature mind isn’t the only target.

An excerpt from my book ‘Ghosts of Time’: “Within the closed capsule of the human mind, is a complex stratosphere of social programming. We believe what is told to us, even when it is unconfirmed or unreasonable.”

Trying to introduce more positive, progressive subject matter in the media would develop more productive people. In this liberal world we are going to self-destruct from alternate realities.

Okay! I know… this coming from a person that writes books that do contain some violence. But my books do not contain swearing and the content shows the difference between good and evil. In my book ‘Knight Horse’, there are two young boys talking about their action hero figures. Their conversation demonstrates that most young people seek out the good.

There is no possible way to shift back to what was referred to as censorship, but we could provide an understanding to our children that there is a difference. In real life, we don’t get a ‘RESET’ button. Once the ‘GAME OVER’ appears, there is no second chance.
Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

The Bear Facts                                                                                         March 14, 2014
By author Bryce A Baker              

Most that know me are aware that I’m a country boy. So most of what is in this ‘Correct Me If I’m Wrong!’ is from first-hand experience.

Let me tell you of one story a Park Ranger told me many years ago. They got a report of a bear attack and responded. Apparently there was a black bear by the side of the road and a mother wanted to get some photos. She put some honey on her son’s cheek so she could get a picture of it licking the boy’s face. Well, like most woodland creatures after the taunting food source disappeared, it looked for more on the boy and got frustrated. The boy and mom escaped unharmed, but she wanted the bear put down for attacking the boy. Need I say ‘Who needs putting down???’

Bears are extremely unpredictable.

Living and being in rural areas, I have had dozens of interactions with black bears and two grizzly encounters. In most cases they can be spooked and sent running, but that isn’t always the case.

The worst draw for a bear attack is a dog barking at them or a person screaming. The bear’s defense mode kicks in.

I had bears on my acreage out of Peachland nearly every day with no indication of a threat. Yet when I sold and moved into Peachland core, there was a large male bear that had his morning buffet route through my yard. He learned that populated areas provide an easy food source. THIS is when interaction can turn deadly.

My face to face with this bear showed he had no fear of humans. Not even when my truck horn howled two feet away from him. He trained his new female partner about his buffet route.

Early spring, I startled her with her two cubs in my yard and she attacked me. Fortunately, when I raised my arms and yelled, it scared the cubs so she went after them instead. 

I contacted the Conservation Office and was tortured by a bureaucratic bunch of BS. There was nothing they could do. The Conservation Officer mentioned he was going to come to the area and ticket people that don’t wash their garbage cans. Washed or not, a bear can pick up a scent more than a dog. Then, are we getting ticketed for bird feeders, dirty barbeques, or pet dishes. There is much more to this, but there isn’t enough paper in my computer.

I received a report from a friend of mine about a similar problem and she received a similar response from Conservation. She didn’t leave garbage out or any temptations. The Conservation Officer refused to trap the bear because if they did they’d have to tag it before release. His problem with that is that they are held liable if the bear gets into trouble after release.

No matter what we do, bears are going to eventually interact in populated areas. Even though urban attacks are rare, the threat persists.

I have been told that we have pushed these animals out of their habitat and we are responsible. I agree to disagree. Yes we have, but considering the millions of acres of unpopulated forested areas as well as the cities and towns that have been established for tens of decades, we need our space too. Bears need to be educated like the people to understand, what is a safe environment. Bears can be taught that urban areas and garbage are not conducive to their safety either. For those that feel we kicked the bears off the block, don’t yell for help when a bear is sitting down at your dining table uninvited, or face an attacking mom bear like I did.

I feel that there should be a team of trackers like myself to be organized to respond to wild animal reports and duly take action appropriate to the call. If it is a deathly situation and a tranquilizing dart isn’t going to save a human life then, the worst case scenario would be to put the animal down. If a bear trap can be used then, the animal is spared and released in a proper area. 

Considering the extreme shortage of Conservation Officers in this province, contract government appointed trackers could cover areas for human safety.

Wild bears or any other wildlife is part of my being and to see an animal destroyed is the last thing I would like to see. But priority is human life.

In closing; I have always put my money where my mouth is. I volunteer to be part of a Wildlife Conservancy Unit in B.C. with no excuses.

Post Script;

Grizzlies are a different story. Just pray your only encounter is seeing the butt end of one walking away.

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *  

Child Protection from the Law                                                             February 21, 2014
By author Bryce A Baker              

In a time long, long ago; in a place far, far away, I remember being a kid.

To understand what is happening in modern pertinent circumstances, one has to immerse themselves deep into that callow thought pattern.

In 1985 the Child Protection laws changed in Canada to secure any child free from abuse. In the process it relinquished most, if not all authority away from parents, teachers, law enforcement or any adult.

I understand the theory of providing a protective base for our children, but I saw a substantial increase in youth crime and extended violence soon after that law was instituted.

Many times as I personally approached youth that were committing a crime, minor or felonious; their response was for the most part the same, “I am under age and you can’t do nothing to me.” And they smiled as they said it!

The laws were instituted to reduce abuse by family or otherwise against these children, but created a monster. The youth are programmed that there is no retribution while they are a minor and like a very young child, will test how much they can get away with. The freedom they have been given in this regard is programming the future as adults.

Respect for my elders and others remains a part of my being as taught when I was young. If children are taught that respect, honor, authority, consideration and even love are only options in growing up, then what we are dealing with now is expected.

I investigated charges of sexual assault against a teacher by two teenage girls in the late 1980’s. My investigation cleared the teacher of these charges and the two girls admitted in court, they made the allegations up because the teacher was giving them a failing grade. As a result, the teacher was still forced to forfeit his credentials as a teacher, his wife left, and he spent his savings on the lawyer. The girls were given NO punishment for their actions.

I could write volumes of the damage this law has done, but the only way it can change is if we start thinking like responsible adults and re-institute proper parenting back into our society. No, I don’t believe that a corporal punishment is necessary; there are many other ways to instill proper values in our children.

As adults, we pay for mistakes and that is accepted, (more or less) so think like a child and ask yourself; ‘If I steal that cookie from the cookie jar, will I get in trouble and get punished?’ or ‘Oh well; I can do anything I want because if I can’t, I will just call Child Protection and complain about my parents!’

I give credit to the good parents that give their children the guidance they need to grow to become a responsible adult.

“Sorry mom! I will put the cookie back.”

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

Success                                                                                                 February 7, 2014
By author Bryce A Baker

Personal experiences are the blackboard of life, with you being the chalk. The formula for success includes the downfalls which provide the window to see the right path. If we utilize the tools that are given us, almost anything is possible.

Success in society is as varied as the population itself. To some it means wealth and status. To others it is accomplishing a personal challenge. And then there are the couch potatoes that are very successful at opening a beer with no ambition… to each their own.

The phrase ‘If only I knew then, what I know now’  has rattled around in many of our thoughts. But it is a good thing we didn’t.

Success (work related) to me was an investigation with resolution. In that industry, recognition from the public was not anticipated or expected as such. This wasn’t why I personally did the job anyway. With this said, I have an incident to relate.

After retiring from said employment in the nineties, I embarked on the new project of illustration art. Aside from the opportunity to purge negative from my memory, it provided a fun way to meet the public in a totally different perspective.

During a solo art show, a group of teenage Asian gang members approached my display. The youth were under eighteen and known for extreme violence. My first thought was to prepare for battle.

The group silently walked around my show for about fifteen minutes. Then the gang leader and a few members approached me and said, “You are really good! I’ve always wanted to do art work.”

We had a positive conversation for several minutes, and they left without incident.

This conversation and reaction was the biggest success in my life. It is said ‘to lead by example’, so if that be true, I pray that, that young man changed along with setting an example for others to do the same.

In conclusion; one less violent act means one less victim. One positive example could lead to an epidemic. This is success to me.

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * * 

Dating 101 ½                                                                                           January 24, 1014
By author Bryce A Baker

After ending a marriage, one can find solace in many ways. There is the pursuit of experiences thought to have been missed; drinking heavily to drown the sorrow of the expired marriage, or hyper dating. 

If I were to tell you my dealing with said trauma was unique, I would be telling a fib in the first degree. But in this my writing of words, I’m going to dwell on but one of these; hyper dating.

Since I have personally experienced three divorces, my expertise on the subject is substantial with the certificates to prove it. Now don’t get me wrong about the numbers. I’m not that bad of a person, it was just the circumstances that led to the demise of the relationships. At least I come with references!

Dating is a subject that should be controlled with legislation by the ‘Dating Control Board of Canada’. Rules should include heavy penalties for lying about one’s real appearance, age, or if and when one has had a sex change operation.

Entering into the dating world after a lengthy absence is like going from kindergarten to university overnight. The use of heavy doses of prescription medication helps a lot.

During my excursions into the twilight zone, I personally met many aliens pretending to be women.  These dates gave me insight and hope that when things can be this bad, there must be someone out there that doesn’t eat with their fingers.

Unlike many other men that have wandered into the realm of the horrifying area of dating, I survived with minimal battle scars. Fortunately, four years ago I met the most beautiful woman on earth, and we have bonded with intellectual and emotional super glue. Love you Rena!

In summation; if you are going through what I have called the ‘Alternate Dimension of Bilateral Emotional Partner of Permanent Coupling Disorder’, I have one word of advice; ‘Remembertoduck!’

This message has been brought to you by the ‘Learning Institute for the Misaligned Bachelor’. For more information please contact:  www.rednecklearnin’datin’

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

Do Skeptics Really Exist?                                                                        January 9, 2014
By author Bryce A Baker

In light of my new book ‘Ghosts of Time’, which is about an extremely skeptic university professor, I had to do this Correct Me If I’m Wrong under the heading of ‘Skeptics’.

Through the thousands of years of human history, there have been the naysayers with closed minds that find anything that doesn’t slap them in the face, is preposterously impossible.

Personally, I feel that undiscovered mysteries or animal species are what keep us investigators chasing the unknown. If everyone had a closed mind like a radical skeptic, we would be pulling the wagon with the horse taking the ride.

The list of subjects that have the pro and con theorist’s squaring off is vast; Bigfoot, UFO’s, Spontaneous Human Combustion, Ghosts, Religious Studies and so on, are shrouded by people that can’t see past their noses. They are unable to understand that there is more than their closed mind and a big world out there.

 What is so hard for them to move past their selfish wall into the possibility of something new?

The strange and wonderful mysteries that keep hyper curious investigators busy, opens the door to better understanding in most cases. Just decades ago, if the average person was asked if it was attainable to land on the moon they would have said “That’s impossible!” I guess that’s why inventors and people with dreams get an extra push when they are told they can’t do it.

Everyone (except skeptics) has had strange, unexplained events at some point in their lives. Most don’t say anything in fear of being thought they have loose bolts. I have been privy to many strange, unexplained events (besides ex- wives!), and telling the stories doesn’t affect my unorthodox thinking. The doctor just keeps doubling my medication, and then I get more book ideas.

This is an excerpt from Ghosts of Time;

‘As children, we are programmed with our first known word and demand. The word is ‘NO’! This word trains and stifles the child’s psychological expansion of a substantial brain function. Their psychological growth is later minimized by labeling any that escaped manipulation as crazy. The mind is a wondrous organ that has infinite ability to stretch what has been confined.’

There are hundreds of new species of insects, and animals discovered every year, but I know… the skeptics say that’s impossible in this day and age.

Now sometimes there are unknown subjects that should be left alone; left without giving an answer to a question that shouldn’t be asked. This is for preservation against discovery abuse.

In summation; even with an open mind, I feel the subspecies of humans known as Skeptics are just a figment of their imagination, unless they can prove otherwise!

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

All I Want for Christmas                                                                     December 13, 2013
By author Bryce A Baker
As a kid raised mostly in the bush country, my understanding of Christmas is; plowing through the deep snow out back of the property to find a Christmas tree, drag it home and the family decorating it. It is a time to share the season with friends and family, and to enjoy Christmas dinner together. When we did have TV, it was Christmas programming about Jesus being born and the cartoons, this was my education of the season. It was clear to me back then, as now, Christmas is a Birthday to be celebrated amongst those that believe.

No one is going to tell me that I can’t say ‘Merry Christmas’ and lobbied instead to say ‘Happy Holidays’. I have never forced my belief on others and I certainly don’t accept any neutral beliefs hammered on me. That’s the end of that.

Now then, what do I want for Christmas?

I would like my step kids home for the holidays, my son Ryan sitting across from me at dinner, to share with the rest of my family and friends, for all those that are traveling to have a safe journey and, of course, the food bank shelves filled for the less fortunate.

However, there are some gifts I have already received;

The love of my life Rena, I have relatively good health, listening to my mom sharing times with us right now and having another book manuscript finished by Christmas!

Receiving store bought gifts is great, but I am happy with what is. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m far from a goody two shoes, just someone with a hope that one day this world will get its act together.

Now if someone sees fit to give me a humungous gift certificate for an Auto Parts store, I will be forced to accept it! Just kidding!

So I wish a Merry and safe Christmas to all, and may the coming year be good for everyone.

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

            * * * * *

Thanksgiving                                                                                       November 29, 2013
By author Bryce A Baker              

Writing fictional books is like sailing through different worlds that may not be afforded us in real life. Authors command the adventure and realize the result without giving way to status quo. Putting the words to paper is scaling the impossible and immersing oneself in a dimension of imagination. It is a mind drug with incredible side effects.

When I write a sentence, there is always a paragraph behind it.

I originally wrote this for Facebook, but because it is a time for thanksgiving I felt it was appropriate in this ‘CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!’

Canadian and American thanksgiving days are a month apart, but it should be noted that we should give our thanks every day. As a Christian, I personally have taken criticism for being of my faith, but as I learned many years ago, I am not here to accept that criticism as a base for why I am. No matter which God or belief one follows, is not of my judgement. If our faith is a positive message and a benefit to our neighbors then so be it.

Many times Christians have been labeled as hypocrites. Well they are right; everyone is a hypocrite, but if one seeks positive answers and a way to help others then they are in the right place. In my previous career I have seen the bowels of evil and if a person wishes to live and believe in that then they are already paying the price of loss for there is no brother standing next to them.

Whether one is a Christian or Muslim or a Buddhist or whatever, it is the positive example that is the biggest teacher to others. If you reach out, they will reach back.

In my work I have had Guardian Angels with me, and I thank the Lord for providing them. I also thank Him for the spiritual gifts bestowed, for his message shall be given.

The following is an excerpt from my second book ’Shield and Sword: Into the Light’

‘As one stands at the bottom of a canyon looking up the steep rock walls it is time to understand why you are where you are. To reach the top of the cliff walls takes dedication, reflection, and positive spirit.

Many times I have been on top looking down and found myself plummeting back to where I began in the canyon base. These rises and falls are part of life and the important thing is how we react, learn and mature. It isn’t because of anyone else’s error but our own. We have all been given the spiritual and physical strength to overcome calamities. The answer doesn’t get resolved consuming alcohol or drugs. On the contrary, the problems remain and are amplified by a hangover.’ 

I have learned that a positive spirit makes the journey less corrugated and more of an adventure. Appreciate the gifts that are given to us in bounty and not the bounty in the gifts.

Even though my climbs up the cliff walls have scarred my physical being and my soul, these battle scars only remind me of, and amplify the good given.

We may not live in a mansion or drive a fancy car but if we are happy on a bicycle and dwelling in a tent, take no criticism for you are you. Give the person beside you on the cliff wall a hand. The climb for them may be more difficult.

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

Burden of Knowledge                                                                        November 15, 2013
By author Bryce A Baker

As a former undercover detective I, like most bad guy hunters, have seen the vile part of society. Most people are unaware, or selectively blind to the world around them.

In the 1980s there was a criminal investigation and recovery that a detective and his partner were assigned. An eighteen year old woman was kidnapped and as the investigation proceeded, a general case went viral. The main suspect was a landed immigrant and was a key figure in a Canada wide criminal organization. The suspect falsely coerced young ladies toward glitter but became prisoners of the street. This organization forced young ladies into heavily monitored prostitution and leased out to ‘pimps’ by the week in different cities across Canada. Yes Canadian slavery!

Two weeks into the investigation, the ‘brass’ told the detectives to stand down on the investigation, or ‘stop’. The lead detective had a chronic case of persistence, and a week later ‘recovered’ the young lady from a ‘lease pimp’ in Alberta.

The detective and partner interviewed the young lady shortly after recovery and confirmed the organizations arrangements and drug induced compliance. She also witnessed a murder of a forced prostitute in Winnipeg who was caught holding back money from the pimp for escape. He put her against a wall and drove his car into her. The detectives later confirmed the murder. No charges were pursued because all the witnesses were blind at the time. The recovered lady also said that a number of clients across Canada were municipal, provincial, and federal politicians and named many names.

The young lady was sent to drug rehab in a secured location and later put into a safe house.

The interview was not submitted with the main report and has been secured in a safe place. Considering the age of the case, it is assumed the lot of politicians are now history. Charges were never brought against the landed immigrant ‘boss’. At the time, there was a hit contract put out by the suspect against the detective. This contract was never fulfilled and involves another long story.

As a retired detective, this story is only one of thousands that can prey on one’s emotions and confidence in the politicians who we depend on to make our laws and govern a safe, productive country. Now if this interview was released at the time, the retribution from the guilty would have been severe, as well as the criminal organization that is so conscience void.   

Telling this story does not give reprieve from the burden of knowledge, and many will say “That doesn’t happen in Canada.” So as we enjoy the freedoms our soldiers have given us; the hidden war at home steals the lives of those TAKEN by Organized Crime.

There is the old saying:”What you don`t know won`t hurt you.” Well, I hate to burst your bubble but, IT IS!

Many ‘Law abiding citizens’ add to the carnage every time they buy an ‘Innocent’ amount of dope, pick up a prostitute or any other so called ‘harmless’ ride away from honor. Each grain of sand can become a beach. But it’s okay; there are people to protect you.

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

Lost In Space                                                                                       November 1, 2013
By author Bryce A Baker

Last and certainly least in my three pokes at reality TV, is the barrage of UFO hunting shows. Personally I strongly believe there is life on other planets or other dimensions. It would seem rather silly to believe that amongst the many universes that inhabit our reality, that we are the only creatures with the ability to create such havoc.
There are so many re-enactments of past sightings and events of visitors from the far beyond. But telling the same experience a billion times is only boring me to no end. The shows provide apparent evidence of celestial spies but add different versions of their analysis, which re-questions the investigative confusion. 

Hyper curious hunters spend most of their lives sitting on a mountain side with camera in hand waiting for the million dollar picture that will escalate them to riches and fame. I can imagine that our alien intruders are well aware of what these people are up to and taunt them with a light show or opportunity to be criticized by the endless number of skeptics.

Then there are the shows about abductions and being probed. All I have to say to this is “What have they got that I don’t?” I would love to have Sparky beam me up. Listening to their stories of being scooped up by a beam, probed and being programmed, is just like one of my marriages. No one believed it happened that way.

I am a fan of one show though called ‘Ancient Aliens.’ This show investigates the ancient structures from our hidden past. These structures that are sometimes thousands of years old, and even with today’s technology would be near impossible to construct. Their theory is that ancient aliens assisted or built these monuments of present day mystery hunters. My theory is that the aliens built them to occupy a select group, with an old version of Rubik’s Cube. What’s the saying??? Busy hands keep the TV ratings up!? OHHH… as I commented before, the fellow with the ‘wind tunnel’ hair would be a lot more productive if he fixed his hair.

Yes I do believe in aliens… how else could our governments be programmed to run so inefficiently and confused?!

In closing, I wish to thank all those hunters of Aliens for providing me with entertainment on those long cold nights that there are only reruns of Star Trek. Go forth and seek what others may think is crazy in the hopes that Sparky will be there for you.

P.S. Government cover up? I wouldn’t know… they told me to shut up!

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

BIG FEET                                                                                            October 18, 2013
By author Bryce A Baker

Second in the three, is the show on television by the name of ‘Finding Bigfoot’. Not defacing all the Good Investigators’ that actually have legitimate credentials, I evaluate this program as a Government Conspiracy to cover up the real truth with stupidity. If a creature named Bigfoot does exist, this show will protect their anonymity.

After I do an article, I receive feedback stories and opinions touching on that subject. However, somehow my ‘Bigfoot’ article leaked out prior to release and I received an email giving their opinion. Normally I wouldn’t rewrite an article with such an event but in this case I feel it is warranted. The following is a copy of that email to me.


My name is Mr. B. Foot and I have been following your articles for some time, and have determined that our story needs to be told. If you feel that it is worthy of telling, you have our permission to post it.

 For centuries the humans have been searching for us and we have tried to stay hidden, but our home is being slowly taken over by the Humans.  Our ‘Anti-Being Found’ teams have done great work in masking our existence with misinformation and our skeptic groups. Fortunately for us, most humans aren’t interested in the truly unknown.

I need to clear up a few things so maybe we can just get these strange people off our trail. When we hear the human by the name ‘Bobo’ (Expert Field Caller) calling us, it is extremely difficult keeping our group from bursting a gut from laughing. His call is in the wrong dialect and is actually saying, “I’m lonely and need a girlfriend!” When the others call we hear it as a yell we have when we are constipated.

No we aren’t attracted to, or curious about, fireworks lit off in the middle of fire season. No we don’t respond to a baby doll crying in the middle of nowhere. Yes we smell but can you imagine the cost to us for razors and deodorant. Yes we leave footprints…what do expect for weighing eight hundred pounds. The antique siren wakes our babies. Yes we sometimes go in and around human homes… How do you think we get free internet?

We really appreciate the female member of the show that plays ‘the sceptic’. We need more… ‘drama’ in our programming. And their ‘Bigfoot Files: True or False’… RRRIIIGGGHHTT!!! Porcupines don’t eat our bones and we use ‘bear spray’ on our vegetables! Daniel Boone did not shoot one of us! Who do you think gave him his raccoon hat for Christmas!?

In closing we wish to thank the producers of the show for making sure no one discovers our existence. My wife though, has been in therapy for years now because of the harassment, so if this doesn’t stop we will be forced to retain a lawyer and take legal action. And can someone please tell ‘BOBO’ we are BIGFOOTS’ and not SQUATCH’S.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Mr. B. Foot the 37043 rd.”

Wow! What can I say after that? I thought I was the only one that found the show as a great example of useless Reality TV.

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

To Ghost or to Not Ghost                                                                        October 4, 2013
By author Bryce A Baker

As a break from the harsh reality of my usual rants, I am going to write on my favorite humor source; Reality TV. This is the first of three. My first target is ‘Ghost Hunters’, on this subject I have some experience. When I built a home in Victoria on an old homestead acreage, we soon discovered it had a spiritual squatter. To shorten a very long story about ‘Herbie’, he was extremely vigilant in causing a disturbance. So being of open mind, I watch ‘Ghost Hunters’ with substantial interest… BUT considering my investigation background, the show presents itself as an endless source of material for stand-up comedy. Even though I believe there is a void in our reality that presents these spirits to irritate the living, the show is convincing me to the contrary.

Show after show we are entertained with buildings of old that the translucent entities captivate our attention. The crew of hunters are well equipped to capture sound and visual but, unconfirmed sounds and touch relinquish any belief the spooks exist. A camera man follows the pairs of spook chasers but as the investigators share a vision of an encounter, the camera is focused on the investigators face, then pans to the area, then back to the face. At that time another vision is announced. KEEP the camera where it is of some purpose. Facial expression of encounter and drama seems to miss the target. Pun intended. A head mounted camera may serve a purpose!!

As the team enters a predisposed area of spirit encounters, they practically yell to the tenant that they want to talk to them and try to build a relationship of trust. Then the team whispers to each other. I guess spooks can’t hear quiet conversation.

Personally if I were a ghost and encountered the team trying to expose me, I would be exploding in laughter. Mind you, without my hearing aids they have me beat when they’d whisper. Now even though I get great entertainment with the show, they are convincing me that ‘Herbie’ is a figment of mine, and many others imagination.

Because of my beliefs these spirits are of Demonic origin, and ‘Herbie’ showed that. But my understanding of this subject matter is up for controversial debate. I have been married three times so after my departure from this world, I threatened to come back and haunt them. Now even though this would be a great idea, the plan now is to request the Ghost Hunter team to come play. Not to worry, I won’t scare them toooo much, and it will probably give them another season of Reality TV. Oh! Just to clarify, I wouldn’t be a Demonic spirit, just a ghost with too much time on my hands and many years of fun to look forward to with ex’s. My real goal would to be the best Ghost writer ever. 

There are some feed off shows like Ghost Hunters International and Ghost Hunters Academy where potential Hunters learn their craft. So maybe I will take courses in Spookology, learn to speak ‘Spook’ and join the team.

In all seriousness, if my day job was plumbing, the thought of chasing ghouls at night would be very tantalizing too.

In closing I have one question for them. “Why do they turn off all the lights and use night vision cameras?” All the reports have been in plain sight by the ‘Spookees’, guess the ‘Spookers’ don’t wear sheets at night. Any way I’m glad there are people seeking answers to questions that over curious people like me don’t need answered, but now I can safely walk at night through a graveyard and know that if I whisper, they won’t know I’m there.

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

Heroes for Us All                                                                               September 19, 2013
By author Bryce A Baker

My wife Rena has shared some of the stories of her father Mr. Matt McMath. Unfortunately he died of lung cancer from smoking in 1993. Because of my love for WWll aircraft, I feel he and I would have got along great. Mr. McMath piloted a Lancaster bomber for the RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force).

Rena told me that he flew bomber missions based out of England. These missions were missions to Hell, and if they were extremely fortunate, they made it back to base alive. He was the WWll version of a ‘Top Gun’ pilot. When he returned home he never flew again and wouldn’t talk about the horror he and others faced every second of their missions. I have faced some nasty nightmares during my career, but I still couldn’t fathom in the least what physical and mental carnage these flying souls faced. One cannot understand unless put in the line of fire.

Another group of flying heroes during WWll were the Tuskegee Airmen, the all African American fighter pilots. They not only had to battle the enemy in the European battles zones, but also had to swallow the prejudices imposed on them by the country they fought for. Their heroism in the air saved many bomber crews and was instrumental in air domination in Europe.

These are only two examples of great people putting their lives on the line keeping us in freedom. 

Every day there are people at home and abroad that maintain peace and our freedom, which brings me to my case and point of their mention.

When I go for my morning coffee I see the hardworking young people busting their butts to survive in today’s economy. People just getting started in the adventures they pursue. These people are our future and our freedom. Then I see, and have seen the dirt of society that steal, cheat and dishonor all that have given them a country to live in. These maggots need to share one second of Hell our heroes have suffered through, and maybe they can follow a brighter light and simply contribute to society instead of leeching from it. Maybe they have too much immoral freedom. The military draft in Canada has never been an issue because our Heroes ‘volunteer’! I’m just saying.

Back in the ‘80s I was working an undercover gig. My partner and I were sitting at a table in a bar; next to us was a group of young men in their early twenties. One of them commented, “Good thing I get my welfare check this week, I’m running out of beer money.” I am not a violent man but I felt like feeding him a five finger sandwich to go with his beer. Welfare was instituted to help the returning soldiers from WWll until they were re-employed, not to supply liars and lazy scum with their ‘habit of choice’. Welfare is undoubtedly needed to assist people with disabilities and temporary crisis, but not capable sots.

There was a young single mom I donated a bursary to that was taking a two year criminology course at the college in Victoria. She had a full time job, the brutal course of studies and two preschool kids! It is a hero like her that makes the slime, like the one in the bar that night, lower than the rock he slithered out from under.

Just today I was having my morning coffee and a young father with three young children sat next to me. The three were extremely well mannered and I commented on that fact. After I gave the father one of my cards, he mentioned that his daughter was interested in writing, her eyes lit up and she was so excited to share her dream with me, she was about seven or eight.

In summary, I wish I could share from my heart the warmth I feel for all those that have made our world a place of greatness. Thank You.

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

Chained to Black Crude                                                                        September 6, 2013
By author Bryce A Baker              

At the age of eighteen I was employed at a gas station pumping gas. The price per gallon was 36 cents. Now at that time my wage was $1.75 an hour. If one compares the ratio of wage to cost of living, we were within reasonable parameters. As the years ticked by the cost of living and the wage ratio spread beyond survivable limits. In one of my businesses back in the ‘70s and early 80s, my staff was paid more than the mainstream working class struggles with today! As we all know the cost of living landed on the moon, so comparatively speaking to back then we are in a quagmire of distress.  

It is understood that economics change but what the government and oil companies fail to understand is the working class is the backbone of their wallets.

First: Our illustrious taxing Government; Cutbacks in essential services, reductions in old age pensions, education, and on and on. Yet for their ‘dedicated’ service to the public, they reward themselves with severance packages and wage increases that dwarf most house hold incomes in the upper middle class. Understandably, taxes are required to support the infrastructure we depend on, but not to be misdirected and wasted on redundant abuse. I have a list of taxes that is too lengthy to incorporate in this article but it is sickening what we are being forced to choke on. Food for our shelves is taxed in many ways before we set it on our table. Taxes paid by the farmer, the trucking companies and, to make sure no one escapes, we are paying taxes at purchase. There are many thousands of children that aren’t nutritionally healthy because many families can’t balance the cost of living with their crappy incomes.

The barter system to me is great. Our country was established on the barter system of trade by the Hudson Bay Company. If I give you an apple in trade for a potato, I have to pay tax on the apple value you received from me and you pay tax on the potato value.  Again I say taxes are required but we aren’t in medieval times…or are we?

Now; the bane of the business man and everyone else, the price of auto fuel. With the fuel prices supporting the billions in profits by them, we are brutally conned to believe the BS they dribble at us for cost increases. Fuel increases mean that a loaf of bread went from $1.25 to $4.00 plus. Trucking is our lifeline to the conveniences of grocery stores and everything else we purchase. Now consider the billions in oil company profits and we are told that the government taxes are the greatest cost per liter. You do the math.

Then there are the people that say the price of gas should go up to restrict pollution and cars on the road. WAKE UP! Better plan to stop shopping at the stores then.

Because of our current cost of living, most average income people don’t vacation, have a newer car and both parents need to work just to break even. Bankruptcies and business shutdowns are at a point that we are going to face the ‘Dirty 21st’ century. 

In summary, I am not a sheep and can see clearly beyond the smoke screen, but I am only one person in the flock. After ranting on, I was once asked to run in the political arena and attempt to make change. With all true conscience there is no place for me there. My piece is spoken and even though we live in the best country in the world, we need to reinforce the bridge, before it is burnt behind us.

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

A Weathered World                                                                               August 22, 2013
By author Bryce A Baker              

In all Medias including the barrage of movies and informative television programing, we are educated in a multitude of ways of worlds end. Then we have the economic, medical viral, terrorist, and social decline to add to the threat against humanity. Wow, good thing for comedy relief.

I understand that these threats are a viable concern but give me a flippin’ break. Let’s get over the Mayan calendar fiasco and sanely evaluate and prepare for crisis within our capacity. No doubt we should reserve food and survival stuffs in case of an event. This should be in EVERYONE’S agenda within reason.

Traveling through our major cities I see signage on ‘Evacuation Routes’… Right!… In a crisis people are really going to adhere to the sign direction to a safe location. They can’t read signage in non-crisis travel. Then there’s the reality of over congested roads, panic and above all, self-survival.

Then we have the social levels of society that will demand their 911 call be of first priority. I’m afraid ‘Sunshine’ attitude isn’t a priority. In this world survival in a physical or social collapse will bring out the best and worst in humans. Infrastructure will depend on the seriousness of the event and our ability to organize and cope.

Then there are the ‘Worlds End’ entrepreneurs. During one of the many predictions of our end in the last couple of years there was a man that would take care of our pets after the end. People actually prepaid him to pet sit… Maybe God is just testing us for the laughs!

Now I’m not prone to depression but how can we look toward a brighter day when the Dooms Day scenario is hammering our physique.

Now where do I sit with all this? If the event is survivable and they make it to our well stocked secure sanctuary, then, friends and family have a home away until we put the ash back in the volcano, or the ocean back where it belongs, or fill the hole from the asteroid. If it is a financial collapse, family and friends are still welcome but thieves had better be able to run REALLY FAST! The government has all our money anyway so we get back to the barter system, which happens to be under scrutiny by our government. Revenue Canada will have to avoid the sanctuary!

I’m not going to develop paranoia about this subject. If the sun rises and the air is clear it is a GOOD day. We need to CHILL big time and live the life we have, right after we build bunkers, hoard food and stock up on weapons of mass ‘r  destruction…

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

Alone in the Dark                                                                                      August 9, 2013
By author Bryce A Baker                                               

One’s ability to be heard is paramount to relinquish self-doubt, anxiety and burden. It is remarkable how much weight off one’s shoulders can be lessened. We have all had times when just talking about an incident or problem releases the muscle tension in the back and has a resulting sigh of relief. The issue may not be resolved but reasonable counsel may open avenues illusive to the subject.

Personally, there have been many issues miss-scrutinized by people we look to for their professional expertise.  It is not only sad for the diagnosis, but the real damage is the related mental and physical, not only to the victim, but to the family. Several years ago I was struggling with some substantial health problems. To maintain my career I was forced to mask symptoms to keep working. When the symptoms over shadowed, it could not be hidden any longer.

Because of the position I was in, a claim was put in to WCB, or Workers Compensation Board. Thus started a ten year battle with this IDIOTIC bureaucracy.

To substantially summarize the battle against a system designed to kill you if your injury didn’t; I fought with the same tenacity I hunted bad guys with. Their overpaid doctors followed WCB guideline’s to the letter. The form letter starts with a 100 percent denial, and then buries you with enough paper work and frustration so you just give up. Trying to find a lawyer was another joke. Policy is with WCB is to extend the BS if a lawyer gets involved.

Even with substantial ‘physical’ medical support and reports from my attending doctors, their ‘doctors’ denied the issue anyway. Toward the end of my ten year battle I contacted a branch of the provincial government in Edmonton and laid out my story. I asked to talk with the governing agency over WCB. There is none. They operate at their own discretion. I was advised that there would be someone contacting me regarding the claim. I GOT A CALL BACK FROM THE ADJUDICATER I WAS COMPLAINING ABOUT!

After ten years of extreme frustration, not only to me but my family, I won a settlement. Then two weeks later, they changed their mind. After the forth appeal, I was paid much less than settled.

During this episode of the ‘Twilight Zone’, there was NO ONE to turn to. The media, lawyers, Ombudsman, and government were temporarily insane so they disappeared back into hiding. 

Now the point of this story is a case brought to my attention about a friend’s mom.  First I should say that, the great bunch of apples in the basket, are always seen as the only rotten one amongst them. That said, I have had great doctors save my life MANY times, this is about the ROTTEN one. I’m going to copy and paste this lady’s story. It is a sad state that innocent people suffer because of our disgusting ‘support system’. 

“My daughter is Dawn and she said that I should tell you my story.
Dr. Terry O'Farrell operated on my right hip for the third time in the middle of July 2011.Right after the operation I had no feeling in my right leg and I could not move my foot sideways. I asked every medical person that came into my room why I had no movement in my foot and no one gave my answer, and I never seen the Dr. again. I found out from a Neurologist that the sciatic nerve has been cut or nicked, as a result I have drop foot. I must wear a brace to hold up my toes if not I will trip and fall. Wearing this brace is not a thing that is pretty. I must wear runners at all times so I can never get dressed up, and I must walk with a cane at all times. This does hamper me from doing some of the easiest of tasks as I cannot get down on my knees and I cannot sit in a bath tub. There are a lot of little things that I no longer can do and it has made me change the way that I live. Drs. like this should have to pay for their mistakes some way. I have talked to several people who have had him operate on them only to find that something went wrong. It’s not fair that we should have to suffer and suffer we do because of their blunder. Thank you for taking the time to want to hear my story.  Anne

Bryce: yes you may use my story in your column. I have been to a lawyer and was told that it would probably cost me more than I would ever get. My age for one thing is against me and the fact that I am not employed and dependent on my wages I would not get very much. I would also have to go elsewhere to get a doctor to say that it was his fault. I was told that I would have to pay for this Dr. to come to Kelowna and that I would have to cover all of his expenses. I don't think that it is fair that he gets off scot-free and not have to prove anything. Good luck with your column and thank you for your advice.  Anne”

We are not alone. There are thousands that have gone, and are going through battles that are similar with NO one to turn to. It can be extremely hard to tell the story like Anne’s. Reliving the horror takes courage on her part. Thanks Anne. So, in a small way, two people have shared their stories and hopefully even just being heard, this lady can find some particle of peace.

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

Sitting in a Broken Chair                                                                            July 26, 2013
By Author Bryce A Baker

No matter which way I look at it, being a ‘Gangsta’ doesn’t impress me as a great career choice in life. One can choose from thousands of jobs depending on education and personal skills. After interviewing the emotionally and morally delinquent after an arrest, I found no reasonable or qualifying purpose for them to be stealing or taking another human life. When my youngest step son was in his mid-teens I advised him that his actions now will affect the rest of his life. The phrase ‘You can’t do anything to me ‘cause I’m a minor’ became a sick echo in my ear. But sooner or later the minor can’t hide behind age restrictions in the criminal code.

 The glorification of being a ‘gansta’ in movies and TV shows preys on the young people with low self-esteem and their sense of belonging. Whether positive or negative, some young people take the route of least resistance like water but unfortunately it is usually too late when they hit the rapids. One of the biggest personality dysfunctions I have recognized with the criminal element is a sociopathic trait. The lack or total lack of conscience. Another commonality with the destructive criminal is that they see themselves as the victims of society to qualify their actions. I don’t blame the car manufacturer for my speeding ticket!

 It is great to see someone see the light and change to become an asset to society rather than a detriment. Their success isn’t easy after the scarring, but at least they are trying.

 At an art show I was doing some years ago, a number of young members from an Asian gang came in and I was preparing for the worst. They silently walked around my show for a number of minutes and after they finished, the leader and a couple of others approached me. The young leader stood before me and said “You’re pretty good! I always wanted to do some art work.” Aside from the relief that I didn’t have to defend myself with force, I was totally impressed with the result. No matter how many confrontations I had on the street with these people, with little expectations of improvement, this youth did have a dream and instead of hurting, he shared a positive dream with me. What a high!

 The Devil has such a grip on these people, but in his keeping, the promises of notoriety, money, babes and power are only a lie and a ticket to Hell.

 I could ramble on about this subject, but no matter how youth are warned, their eyes are closed and waddle aimlessly into the fire. Can’t they see there is no Pension Plan for gangstas, and more importantly, I have yet to see a retired ‘GANGSTA’.

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

Save Us from Ourselves                                                                             July 12, 2013
By author Bryce A Baker

By now I would imagine that most readers of my articles understand that since I was born in the fifties when family values were still relatively intact, my opinions are based there. I wasn’t familiar with the phrase ‘dysfunctional’ until I explored the world as an independent eighteen year old. As most families, ours had some dysfunction but still retained the family unit. We actually sat together at the dinner table and had outings together.

Morality seems to be manipulated over the years to conform to the need of the individual. Since the sweep of the hippie generation of free love and lack of responsibility it has impregnated the juvenile mind, or at least a majority thereof.  The youth have mortified into an antisocial mass against the stable responsible part of society. Everyone goes through emotional and social changes throughout their lives and fortunately most grow to understand drugs, booze and revolt against ‘THE MAN’ are not conducive to employment, family and staying out of the slammer. I for one have seen the worst and have the understanding that our governing agencies are not the greatest examples of morality, but we can make change through proper channels. Speaking for myself we don’t have to be sheep and accept the stupidity laid before us, but have the fortitude to see through it and make responsible positive choices.

There is a positive note on the horizon, or at least through my eyes and twisted observation. The youth through the decades went from a majority of good standards down to a majority of bad. The positive point now is the ‘majority’ is swaying back on the up side. There are some great young adults out there looking to change for the better and making it known. Maybe the world stands a chance after all. Anyway the youth are tired of being labeled delinquent, so ‘gangstas’ look out!

I said to my wife a few times that it is unfortunate that the young heroes get a small paragraph on page four, and the psychotic killers get international attention on page one. Where is the support for doing good? I would say it sends a message to those lacking in self-esteem that their moment of recognition is to kill someone. Quite sad. When I see young people flippin’ burgers at a burger joint for minimum wage instead of selling drugs for big bucks, they are HEROES to me.

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

INJUSTICE                                                                                                      June 28, 2013
By author Bryce A Baker

Child support is a sensitive subject. Sometimes a single parent that needs such support gets lost in the bureaucracy and struggles on their own. But I have a story that abuses that right to be financially compensated. Not because of neglect from the separated parent, but because of the need for revenge and disruption.

The divorce was settled well before this incident. The parents were married for seventeen years and had two children together, a girl and a boy. The father was apparently injured in a car accident eighteen or so years ago and hasn’t worked since. He collects twenty eight hundred dollars a month after taxes from pensions and settlement. The mom took more education and started work to assist financially.

During the later years the father was drinking and a chronic user of cannabis. The marriage broke down quickly as the two children were in their teens because of his abuse and threats. Documented are police reports of his threats of suicide in front of the children, threats and physical violence against the mom and also a police documented case where the teen daughter was grabbed by the throat by her father and was threatened with death for taking ‘moms’ side.

After the mom and daughter moved out for safety reasons the teen boy was coerced by his dad to stay. The boy had a get together with the mom and decided to maintain a relationship with her. But when he told the dad this, his ‘stuff’ was tossed into the front yard. The boy was convinced mom was bad and decided to stay at home. The mom has not had contact with her son for over four years. The daughter is in agreement that her brother is under threat by his dad and under constant monitoring by him. The father is a heavy drug user and a threat to the well-being of the boy.

When the children were seventeen, and sixteen for the boy, the parents divorced. The mom’s lawyer advised her that she had the right to half of his pensions and half the value of his two classic cars valued at a conservative number of sixty thousand dollars. She decided that since her son was with him he could keep his pensions and half his cars out of consideration for her son. The mom got sole custody of the seventeen year old daughter and as far as child support, they cancelled each other out.

The daughter moved away from home when she was eighteen and is on great terms with her mom. Not with her dad. When he found out the daughter moved out he sued the mom for child support. He had a lawyer and she was expected to pay in excess of six thousand for legal counsel. She was not in a position to afford that and represented her own case in court. This I witnessed. The judge didn’t take a thread of her testimony or her considerations during divorce. The father was awarded support for the son until he is nineteen and retroactive one year. She was unemployed and the judge said to get a job.

I tried to get Child Protection to look at the case of the boy’s safety in that environment but because he was eighteen they declined to pursue.

The money is irrelevant in this case as far as the main issue, it is the boy’s safety.

Now considering the abuse of spouses and children I had to deal with as a Detective this case infuriates me. I have witnessed miscarriage of true justice a thousand times and this is one of them. I know for a FACT that it isn’t the money he is after but the opportunity to disrupt the mom’s life. He has nothing better to do than toke up and connive. I should also mention that his twenty six year old son from a previous marriage is living with him too. That son is addicted to morphine. Great setting for an impressionable eighteen year old!

If a parent is duly and morally responsible for child support, so be it, but in this case there is something grotesquely wrong!

I have exchanged emails with this… I can’t find a reference name disgusting enough… and he shared his intent in black and white, so I know where he stands.

Oh!!!! I should also mention the process server that came out to serve the court papers on the mom was the infamous disbarred lawyer from Vernon that is now in jail for organized crime connections.

This will not end here. I believe in true justice and JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED!

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

ROAD RAGING 101                                                                                                   June 14, 2013
By author Bryce A Baker

In the beginning of my career, my duties included motor vehicle accident investigation. To those that don’t know what that is, it involves scene evaluation, witness interviews, interviews of the involved parties and the physical engineering behind the accident itself. Now to have a detailed investigation called, it meant there was a fatality. It was a gruesome duty but because of my mechanical skills it was my first posting.

The reason for this subject has been brought through constant criticism from my wife about my constant criticism of dangerous drivers. Understandably we have all gone through driving stages of stupidity but after dealing with the horrors, I find some drivers just haven’t got a clue that they are not immortal and the weapon they drive is lethal.  I don’t have to describe these acts of IQ less donuts. It’s like watching an unknowing child taunt a two ton chunk of steel and not heeding warnings that it is dangerous. No matter how many lectures I and others have given to teenage school kids, they still don’t get the picture.

It is an ordeal for my wife to take me to the grocery store. It seems they… the navigators of the shopping carts, bring their driving skills into the store with them. Blinders on, petal to the metal and hell bent for the next item on the shopping list. They take NO prisoners and fail to understand that dragging me under their grocery laden cart is not acceptable to my fragile state of mind. I feel like shooting out their tires. Maybe we need grocery cart police.

My pet peeve is tailgaters. When I rode motor bike they thought that the closer they got to my tail light the more they loved me, but after taking a hand full of marbles across their windshield the romance ended. I know it was improper of me to use marbles but ball bearings were too expensive.

Seniors and driving… I have to be careful what I say, but I am proud of my mom who is fully capable of safely driving but feels the roads are just too crazy for her to add to it. Kidding she is a good driver… Taking the freedom of mobility away from someone in their senior years is a brutal decision. They need to evaluate when it is time to park the covered wagon and take the trolley. I responded to a minor accident one time that involved an eighty five year old lady driving a big old Cadillac. She approached a courtesy intersection and failed to yield to the vehicle approaching from the right. She toasted the other vehicle. When I asked why she didn’t yield right, she replied that since she had the bigger vehicle, she had the right of way. One would assume with years of experience, common sense might be a small factor in the equation.

Just today on the highway a vehicle approached me from the rear and tailgated. Speed of the traffic was 90 to 100 km an hour. I moved over to let her pass. As she passed I noticed a young child in the front seat and a younger one in the back child seat. She took off like a shot with speeds in excess of 120. A truck was slowing for a 50 km an hour construction zone and she ever so slightly avoided a rear end collision. Now it is bad enough to be young and speed obsessed but this ‘woman’… put two young lives at risk and for what!? Let her talk to the families of road carnage and see how her actions are no different than putting a gun to someone’s head.

We all make mistakes while driving but premeditated idiocy should be grounds for sending them back to kindergarten and learn from the children.

WOW does that feel good venting ever so slightly. Now I can travel with my wife on our next trip with a revitalized verbal assault on the stupid, lame, dirt bags that jeopardize everyone’s safety!!

I can’t put a cushion on how I feel about this subject… just sorrow for the victims.

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

Does Anyone Know Where I Put My Sanity?                                                     May 31, 2013
By author Bryce A Baker

Aging is a biological progression of a body deteriorating to a rickety fragile state of grumpiness. Well okay, that only pertains to me. We all have made the comment. “If I would have known then what I know now!” It’s sad that we spend decades gathering experience and knowledge and when we finally get smart to living we bite the bullet.

I watch the ads on television on age defying creams and lotions to look years younger. After years of research into this I can without doubt confirm this is boddlewoggle. I still look old! I am very disappointed with myself having my chest move south like the birds and forcibly steaming the bathroom mirror to avoid the shock in the morning. Unfortunately, the mind sails into stormy waters as well.  I post sticky notes all over the house reminding me of the chores and responsibilities forced on me. My wife does have a problem with the sticky note I placed on her though. She feels my duties of marriage should not have a sticky note to remind me.

 One knows they are getting old because your grown children have teenage children of their own. Your grandkids buy you Geritol in bulk for you for Christmas. You don’t understand the new form of language spoken by the young people. Then there is technology! What the heck do we need cars that park themselves? No wonder no one knows how to park. Back in the day we used to pick up a corded phone and say something to the person on the other end, seemed to work pretty well. Now cellphones are almost surgically attached to their hands, and people don’t talk anymore, they Flitter or Oogle or Twicker. I think it’s an alien conspiracy.

Computers… took me two years to learn how to turn the stupid thing on. Then it says “you’ve got mail.” How do you get the letter out of the machine? I had to write my password on the computer because it wouldn’t talk to me otherwise, and I was short on sticky notes. Life was simpler back in my younger days. When you bought something you paid with money, now they invented electronic money. As long as I can remember what my pin number is I have money. THAT works for me.

Anyway, amidst all my confusion of aging there are some benefits. I get seniors price on my coffee. I can con my kids to do chores because my Arthritis is acting up.  I can blame my poor hearing for not understanding my wife’s nagging. So I know now that when I pass on, I will be the smartest, dumb dead person.

By the way… does anyone know how to turn a computer off!

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

Bullets Don’t Feed the CHILDREN                                                                          May 17, 2013
By author Bryce A Baker

Through the years in my previous career I, like most in law enforcement, have seen the worst of society and rarely seen the best. But there have been bright lights of encouragement. To those of good character I salute you, for every person that voluntarily contributes to those around them add to the army against the evils that encompass the globe. The people that TRULY aide those at home and around the world, sacrifice everything to help the ravaged. What I am about to vent excludes these great people.

Worldwide people are suffering and dying over territory, religion, money and or the need for supremacy. Sociopathic personalities command places of power and they have no qualms of taking life whether it be man, women or child. This leads to my vent. In my spiritual understanding ‘family’ come first, then neighbors, then countrymen. After this we try to help those of other countries.

For as long as I can remember there has been advertising on TV about the starving children orphaned overseas or those in war battled countries. Please understand that my unbridled compassion for children has been paramount personally and professionally. But when organizations put us under the guilt of morality to help these defencless young children and donate, or sponsor them… it infuriates me that for the fifty years plus of these campaigns, nothing has improved. Education, food and medicine IS desperately needed for these children but when funds are manipulated away from the needs to really make positive change, it is only the children that suffer. Not far from these needy children are battles going on amongst their own countrymen who have the funds for billions of dollars of weapons and WAR is more important than a progressive country.  

I am a Christian, and as a proper Christian, people are mirrored by those who claim to be and use their self-delegation as a tool to profit by those that truly want to help. What does this mean to me? Well to destroy a belief or a character, one impersonates that ideal in the negative and that is what some in society will believe to be true. Whether we are Christian or any other spiritual belief is irrelevant if evil prevails as the truth.

Here at home, there are children in our country that go to school hungry, in need of clothing and proper medical support, and yet the concerned groups like food banks and related organizations STRUGGLE to maintain. We have a responsibility to our children first.

When the tsunami hit India a few years back, the support in food, medical aid and shelters was incredible but the aide materials were eventually taken by the two rebelling factions there and was being sold to the desperate people. That is just sickening. This goes on in other ravaged locations as well.

Do I have an answer? No I don`t, but let`s tend to our children and maybe the example we show them, will change the future for the better. Let’s quit pretending that our government isn`t bleeding essential services and our ability to feed our children properly in lieu of their ludicrous retirement packages and corrupt public manipulation. People say that we have it pretty well in our country, and we may do better than most, but open our eyes.

My challenge is to help others in other countries after ours, or if personal funds allow, do both. Let’s not throw pearls to a sow but be responsible and frugal      with our resources.

Just a footnote: There is an advertisement on TV by a company trying to get healthy food in the schools for the kids in Canada. So far only eight to nine hundred are being fed properly because of this great program. Now this program is an awesome idea, but what about the other MILLIONS of our school kids.

I have no sarcasm or humor this time because there is no place for humor here. Why is peace so difficult?

“Satan can cast in righteous vision with acts of Heavenly assumption, but be of concern if in short term. Angels with Heavenly intent will be of permanent light.” 
- Bryce A. Baker 2013

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

An Awesome Cure for Absolutely NOTHING                                                      May 3, 2013
By author Bryce A Baker

I was a teenager in the sixties amongst the Hippie generation. Even though I wasn’t a follower of their ideals of the flower power, drugs and free love, I was still young and impressionable. I LIKED the free love part but learned that after three divorces they mislead me on the FREE. 

If drugs did have a place in society: Can you imagine the production of a coke or meth addict at a McDonalds? The hamburgers would be served before they were ordered. As a Border Guard, the lineups would disappear and the drug smugglers would have their own express lane. As a fire fighter they would circle the fire with the trucks so fast the vortex would extinguish the flames without water. As a Politician they would take bribes, mislead the public, pad their expense accounts and get enormous retirement packages……

Can you imagine a dude sucking on a joint… walking into a bank intending to rob it. ‘Dude’ floats up to the teller and takes a slow toke. ”Hey damsel…TOKE... Like… I’m here to rob you...TOKE... Like, I’m in no rush…TOKE… Would you like to partake?...TOKE… Miss… like… could you tell me why I’m here?...Oh ya I need some green…TOKE… Do you have a lunch room?…TOKE… I have a gnarly hunger happening.”  The police arrive and take him into custody.  On the way to the jail he decides to enlighten the arresting officers. “Dudes… Did you bring my money, and I misplaced my weed?”  Maybe the world would be a mellower place.

Why don’t we legalize everything illegal and do away with the courts and police and the need to feel guilty. I am almost positively sure, I think, that this would work. The government would regulate, taxate and manipulate our new freedom to such a degree that we would go bankrupt. Then we would have to steal to survive and go on the wagon because drugs are too expensive. But that’s okay, it’s legal. The drug cartels would apply for a government bailout.  To maintain the cash flow to the Politicians they would apply a BST on anyone that does a good deed.

The evening news would be interesting. They wouldn’t have anything of controversy to report, so they would ‘Role Play’ someone feeling bad about committing a murder and pretend they went to prison to get their degree in Political Science. There is another positive; the need for lawyers and judges would be obsolete. They would have to get real jobs.

Heard it said many times that the police battle against illegal drugs hasn’t accomplished a thing. Okay. Donate the confiscated drug money to the ‘Baker Relief Fund’. Wouldn’t want it to go to waste.

So after hours of consideration and lack of forethought these ideas could function in today’s society. I kinda liked chasing bad guys though.

Now at any time, anything I said made sense to you; CHECK YOUR MEDS!

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

'Legally Stoned                                                                                                     April 19, 2013
By author Bryce A Baker

Through the years my eyes have witnessed much. There have been the incredible acts of kindness and sacrifice by people of humanity. We are all influenced by another, good or bad. My uncle Matt was nineteen years old in 1960. When he visited us he impressed me as a great person. He liked his cigarettes and partying but wasn’t the type to intentionally hurt anyone.    

When he spoke to me he shared his good heart. I was five years old and he started me on a good path. He and a friend were on the side of the road talking when a drunk driver struck my uncle’s car and pushed it to where they were standing behind the friend’s. In a split second my uncle pushed his friend out of the way and my uncle was caught between the two cars. My uncle died saving another. There wasn’t more than a half second for him to make that decision. He paid the ultimate sacrifice. He is my Hero.

Now it may seem off subject but read on. Like many other subjects, people asked my opinion about the legalization of marijuana. First understand that it is not anyone’s business what an individual does in their own space, unless it endangers another or a child. Some people feel, that said legalization is harmless, and should be legal.

MY opinion is based on the carnage I have witnessed. Let’s explore the past and draw from history itself. Personally I never have had the urge to partake in drugs. Battling the bottle was damage enough. During prohibition alcohol was bootlegged for enormous profit and helped organized crime put a foothold in the States. When it was again legalized the bootlegging still continued because bootleg alcohol was still in demand, due to taxes and underage drinkers. There are still Moonshiners and is advertised on Reality TV.

Cigarettes are legal but bootleg ‘Canadian’ smokes are smuggled in from the States because export Canadian smokes are tax exempt. Again one smuggler was clearing fifteen thousand a week on this practice. Prescription drugs are legal, but it is a billion dollar business to organized crime. If there is a blood dollar to be made it is part of the sociopathic maggots that bleed us of our money and lives.

So legal or not, there will be the demand by underage and others. Organized crime will figure a way to mortify to maintain their grip on the demanding public. If one feels the government will properly regulate it… dream on.

Now people say that Marijuana is a harmless drug and won’t hurt anyone. Eighty percent of the users want to move to a stronger effect when the impact lessens. WE lose thousands every year to drunk drivers and people on meds. Do we need to add another threat on the road? I haven’t even touched on the carnage to family or the public because of the side crimes or distribution deaths, and Medicare costs. There are so many fun things to do instead and they are legal, and have no side effects. Would you as a parent leave your child in the care and custody of someone that tokes up a joint while you are gone?

When I finish doing the things I like, I wake the next day and no one was hurt or killed and my conscience is clear. Mind you my wallet can take a beating.  So in closing, my uncle died because someone was under the influence and MURDERED a hero. If one must alter reality and pretend that they ‘aren’t hurting anyone’, try thinking of the people around you and your lack of future. Marijuana is far from an innocent drug. Unfortunately a majority of the public is suffering from the Ostrich Syndrome.

Footnote: I was under the influence of a coffee while I wrote this!

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

The Flip Side of Mental Illness                                                                             April 5, 2013
By author Bryce A Baker

As an author, I receive feedback from people around the world about my articles and other writings. This feedback assists me to grow as a writer and further understand the public opinion.

My last article about mental illness sparked positive responses from many, and even from people with issues they struggled with. Sometimes, just having someone say that their illness isn’t a contagious disease from outer space gives them some peace of mind. These people are not dangerous and deserve the consideration and compassion like anyone else.

On the other hand the criminally ill are on another nasty page, but this ‘CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!’ will capture the good page. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a bleeding heart Human Rights leaguer, just a person of compassion. Like I said before, if I have an opinion about something, I have walked the path.

 Many years ago I worked a case where an ex was trying to kill the mother, and even though ‘his’ three young children were in her care, he attempted his acts of insanity in their presence. Not to worry, he didn’t succeed and was dealt with. My point of bringing this up is that the oldest child was an eight year old girl with Down Syndrome. In the beginning she played me to find her borders and, after she understood that she couldn’t play me like a fiddle, we got along great. My partner and I escorted the mom and kids for outings and people’s reaction to the little girl was mixed but some were disgusting. This young girl had an illness that she was born with and had no choice in the matter. To me she was a beautiful child of God and deserved love and understanding like anyone else. She did test my patience sometimes but she was my buddy. She called me ‘Smokey’ because I gave Smokey Bear hugs.

Everyone on this earth has a medical skeleton in their closet so no one has the right to isolate another because of illness or physical difference. That said… the exceptions are the creatures with violent intent or tendencies. If one chooses to be cold toward the ill, then they need to swallow their prejudice and thank God they don’t have to contend with someone labeling them.

Rena and I are comedy driven and are preparing to do stand-up comedy together. From a previous write of mine… ‘Rena has ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and I with ADH ...HHHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder). It is a plus for us because our arguments last three or four seconds. We either forget what we are arguing about or lose interest. Going for coffee with us creates a public disturbance at the coffee shop! There is a speed dial to 911 for the public where they’re asked,  ‘police , fire, ambulance or Baker Disturbance?’

Rena showed me a video of a program for people with mental illness that teaches them how to do stand-up comedy by poking fun at the humor of it. This program was started by David Granirer, a counselor who himself suffers from depression. The comedians are hilarious and like I used to tell my partners, ‘Always turn a negative into a positive”. These people have confronted their condition and walked onto a stage of healing. Please support them; .

Let us not dwell on the problem of difference, but on the road of understanding.

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

This edition of ‘CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG’  is coming to you out of schedule due to the current subject.     

Murder with Excuse                                                                                           March 30, 2013
By author Bryce A Baker              

A few days ago, news was it that the man that killed a Toronto cop was not criminally responsible for his actions. Now it took a few days for me to calm down enough to write this article. What I found the worst is the comments made by the uneducated, heartless, unaware idiots that felt sorry for the ‘poor mentally ill man’ that killed the cop.

First, I want to give my deepest heartfelt sympathy to the family of the Toronto Officer that gave his life to protect the public.

As I was reading the post on Yahoo it was followed by feedback from the public. Most were disgusted with the judicial system that let a killer off because he has a mental illness. If one commits murder, ill or not, they are a time bomb to do it again. AS HISTORY PROVES! ‘Claudette’ felt sorry for the mentally ill man that killed the cop. Another stated the cop should have got out of the way. Another stated the government has let the people with mental illness down. If these people feel so bad about this mentally ill man that brutally murdered someone, then they should volunteer their home and see how quickly they will be calling 911. How would they feel if a family member of theirs was  murdered by this man.

Like I said in my first edition of ‘Correct Me If I’m Wrong!, dealing with the criminals was the easy part. It was the judicial system and the bleeding heart sickos of the Human Rights League that adamantly protects the criminal rights, over the victims.  

Over the years I have personally dealt with people with mental illness in my job and at home. Let me share some of them.

On a bright sunny afternoon I was driving on a main thoroughfare near downtown Victoria. Without warning a small car pulled out from behind an oncoming bus and forced the bus to the sidewalk, and I to the sidewalk as well. I made a turn around and initiated pursuit. As I was catching up to her she was swerving onto the sidewalk and chasing people with her car. Her arm was flailing out of her window. At this point no one was injured. I will shorten the extremely dangerous forty minute pursuit to the end. The only way she was stopped was with a road that was barricaded with police cars. During the pursuit she was randomly ramming police cars at high speed. There was by today’s standards fifty thousand dollars’ worth of damage. She was taken into custody and later sent to an institution for sixty days of evaluation. She was later released without charges and even had her driver’s license returned, because she had a temporary lapse of sanity.

There was a drug induced bludgeoning of an old man because he wouldn’t give any money. A kidnapping and sadistic murder. And rape after she was dead. I could go on with my cop experiences but, I can’t.

Then there are the recent murders of elementary school kids, the beheading of a fellow passenger on a Greyhound bus, and after seeing the lowest disgusting violations of humanity, two minor’s have stooped even lower with the shooting of the eighteen month old baby in the States.

Why do I bring these sick incidences up? Heinous crimes are committed by mentally unstable persons. Twenty percent of the Canadian population suffers from a mental illness and there ARE support systems in place to help these people with the issues they suffer from. But ironically the Human Rights League has made an error. These people HAVE THE RIGHT NOT TO SEEK HELP!

There are people that won’t seek help because of the stigmata that society labels them with and this is extremely unfortunate because most mental illness is treatable and are not with violent intent. Personally I have battled alcoholism,  the mental stress of my former career and had a lengthy relationship with someone with mental illness. So I am with understanding and compassion, but being ill is not a license to brutally assassinate another human being. Now some people will think my opinion is because I was a cop, but they are wrong. IT’S BECAUSE I’M A HUMAN BEING tired of hearing EXCUSES for murder.

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

DARK Be the Days                                                                                                March 22, 2013
By author Bryce A Baker

DARK be the days that we see race, religion, gender, size, intelligence or any physical disability as a target for prejudice. Most people see prejudice as race motivated, but blankets more than I personally can tolerate. We have all been the subject of some form or another. In high school my short stature was of no concern but after moving out into the work force it was. Apparently as per studies funded, tall men have more structure as a leader or businessman. Guess the taller one means more brain cells. I’m going to focus on the most common human dysfunction; racial leveling. As a kid I went to a back woods school in northern Ontario. We played and went to school with many different nationalities, but I personally learned a lot from the native kids. We played in nature and even though my spiritual understanding at the time was different I respected them and they respected me. Racial difference was great to share different ideas. Now that said, things have changed as an adult.

To me, any culture difference is not for me to judge or change in any way except when that person misuses their race or religion as a tool of condemnation or manipulation. I will return to that note shortly.

Over the years I have had great friends of different races and religions. My best friend in Calgary was Chinese. I trained a female Undercover Officer that was half East Indian. I have a Native Canadian Law Enforcement Officer as a good and trusted friend. To me they are people, not a segregated species. As a Caucasian and in law enforcement I have been blasted with reverse prejudice. Yes it works both ways. Handcuffing someone for breaking the law doesn’t mean it’s because they are a different color.  My Chinese friend and I used to frequent Sunday dim sum in Chinatown in Calgary. As a Caucasian they wouldn’t even look at me. My friend would do the ordering. I understand that the white people abused them and many other races over history, but I don’t condemn someone whose ancestor did something wrong. I have had many white people do a number on me, so evil intent is evil intent no matter how shaded.

 Now I could go into the ‘within’ race abuse and the endless stories and branches of prejudice but it isn’t within the limited structure of this writing. My point, simply put is since the first dawn there has been battles between tribes and religions at great human cost, and for what; to gain power or a piece of dirt. Writing this short piece won’t fix the problem but one thing I know; He who casts a stone in hate already is paying the price.

It is a known fact that a smile and a good deed for your neighbor is a positive chemical reaction to your brain.

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

REALLYREALREALITYTV?                                                                                          March 8, 2013
By author Bryce A Baker              

In my quest to remain politically incorrect I feel this ‘Correct Me If I’m Wrong’ will wonder into a different realm to lighten things up for a change. I’m going to critique our television programing as soon as I stop laughing.

My first victim is our infamous home grown wonder ‘The Real `House Wives of Vancouver’. Their show description is… pampered; lavish lifestyle of luxurious wealth, pampered privilege, being seen and who you know is everything’. Boy am I glad I’m poor and my friends don’t worship my wallet. There were times in my life that I had lots of money but at no time did my feet or attitude leave the ground. I body guarded movie stars with lots of money and notoriety and they never looked down on anyone and played well in blue jeans. They remembered their humble start and had compassion for the less fortunate. Now it is unfair of me to criticize the House Wives of Vancouver without knowing them. BUT, as portrayed on television they leave me wondering who will cater to them in a crisis or natural disaster, and I don’t mean a broken fingernail. It’s a sad state of education for young people to be taught by materialism and attitude. 

Next is ‘Trailer Park Boys’. Hang on. I’m trying to lower my IQ level low enough to relate to this epic episode of idiocy. Sorry can’t relate!

‘America’s Most Smartest Model’. Aside from the poor grammar of the ‘Most Smartest’ I had no idea that models were in a league of their own for smarts. I wish to thank the producers of the show to have pointed this out to all of us.

‘Ghost Hunters and Chasing Bigfoot’. I’m sure the ghosts and sasquatches’ must be arm and arm laughing their faces off.

‘Amish Mafia’. Wow. These non-violent folk are packin’ some nasty firepower. The show relates to the members of their group that provide protection and security for the Amish following in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Again we are being hoodwinked into fictional reality, mind altering obsorbition of a bucket load of doodoo. Funny how many people will actually believe this show and target the Amish with violence and criticism. OOPS! Went into courtroom mode.

‘Jersey Shore’. Sad, very sad… that these party hardy young people have nothing more to do than make fools of themselves. We were all young and foolish once upon a time (I think) but we didn’t have a TV show to advertise it.

‘Ancient Aliens’. Now considering I have alien blood and was exiled from my birth planet as a child, my comments are twofold. Love the show! There IS some intellectually stimulating programming on the tube. If Aliens did populate the world in ancient times, they left a lot of graffiti to cleanup. Now speaking on the other ‘fold’ we aliens were too far advanced back then for our own good and were sent packing. Now that we have returned… we are just too entertained by the stupid reality programming to waste time with world domination. One last comment on this show. The professional alien chasers that express their point of reason should do SOMETHING about their hair and not look like they just stepped out of a wind tunnel.

In closing, I watch TV for the stories and not the pictures! Just pullin’ your leg. To become enthralled in a thought provoking plot or an informative educational program is my escape from reality. IF I wanted reality I will turn the ‘Reality TV’ OFF.

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

* * * * *

Violent Intent                                                                                                 February 22 2013
By author Bryce A Baker

I’m going to jump into the fire with both feet and give my past and present observations on a very controversial subject. Controversial for good reason and both sides of the argument have responsible points. In light of the recent shootings that have taken innocent lives, the verbal and legislative battle for and against firearm possession is firing back and forth. Pun intended.

Understand that coming from a criminal investigation background and a bodyguard, I understand firsthand the devastation a weapon can incur to the victim and victim’s family. It is a traumatic, emotional event that has no release. I have had many people give me their opinions on the subject and some have as I said before, have good reasoning. But the full picture of the subject needs to be analyzed before making judgement.

First Opinion: “If there were guns only in the hands of Law Enforcement and the Military, the threat would be eliminated or at least reduced. No one should have guns!”

Great idea, but unfortunately in the real world the ‘BAD GUYS’ prefer to be armed and have no moral obligation to follow popular opinion or walk into a business with a toothbrush to rob them, Or burst into someone’s home and threaten the petrified occupants with bad language.

Second Opinion: “Having a gun in one’s house opens up a possibility that a child or an emotionally distraught adult could get hurt.”

Of course there is that possibility if the weapon is NOT properly secured as per the laws of possession in Canada. The incidence of accidental or intentional injury or death from a legally possessed and secured firearm is extremely rare. On the contrary, injury or death, from knife attacks are unfortunately extremely high. Knives have never been a real issue in the public opinion.

Now I could rattle on for hours but let’s get to Pro gun possession. It has been my observation that most people would not have a gun in their home for protection because they prefer not to and have a great swing with a baseball bat. The majority of gun owners have guns for sport target shooting, hunting, or collections of rare or specific firearms. The liability is subject to these responsible gun owners and misuse is not common practice in Canada.

Let’s get back to ‘BAD GUYS’. In Canada alone the drug trade and organized crime members would love the public to be unprotected. Why do you think the Home Invasions are high? I don’t think they take out transport permits for the assassinations of rival group members with innocent people in close proximity. They just don’t care who gets hurt or killed.

Another opinion on the Con to gun ownership. “It won’t happen to me if I don’t have a gun.”

The chances are like in the animal world, the weakest are the first target.

Again, another observation; Motor vehicles are used as lethal weapons in heinous crimes like robberies and drunk driving, and kill more people in a week than guns do in a year. Yet there are no advocates wanting to ban motor vehicles. Advising a family member that their son or daughter or other has been killed in a car accident by a drunk driver or criminal in an attempt to elude police, was the hardest part of my job.

In summary: It would be the greatest gift to society if there were no gun related tragedies, but we live in a violent world and everyone has been affected by some violent act. We all have the right to choose between the baseball bat (or use whatever reasonable force needed) to protect one’s self or family, or submission to violence.

If I had an unknown subject breech my home, I would defend my family without hesitation with all means of my training. If someone were to shoot at me, I would shoot back. If there is an opportunity for non- lethal use of force, IT WOULD BE USED. It is also unfortunate that even if guns were removed, there would still be guns in the hands of the criminals and the crazies that feel the impulse to end lives.

Post Script: Just a tidbit of information. As a former bodyguard we were trained to recognize threat before incident. Let’s learn to recognize the signs of subdued violent intent with the children in our schools. There are warning signs.

0ne last thing; we all have the right to ‘not own’ a firearm, but no one has the right to remove the rights of others.

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -  
Bryce A Baker

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Essential Services                                                                                            February 8, 2013
By author Bryce A Baker

As a majority of us do, we congregate for coffee at our local coffee shop or park bench and analyze the state of politics, religion or whatever subject that is headlining the news at the time. We develop an opinion in our own mind and verbalize it to our captive audience. Many times our understanding of the subject is what is projected by the media or a programmed political meander by our trusted governing leaders. As our coffee group debates each opinion, the end result is either a frustrated conclusion or we satisfy an inner venting that releases our emotion gasses.

Now… many, many years ago I foolishly made a comment based on my opinion within my limited life experience, and the end statement was a challenge from the person across from me. “Well! Why don’t I do something about it?” Maybe I should have just shut up at the time, but I responded, “Well! Maybe I will!” thus started a lifelong addiction to righting the wrongs of the world.

Now off the subject slightly, a teacher once asked me. “What are you going to do IF you grow up?” Fortunately through the years and years and years of experience and maturing I can honestly say that thankfully, I haven’t grown up. Because of this I shall continue my story, with my evaluation on my first subject. Not to worry… I have a zillion more but let’s just solve this one first.

By the way, if I personally give an observation, it is because I have stepped on that ground and have an unbiased view… somewhat. Okay I am bias, but against the moral, financial, and conniving misuse of our trust.

First subject is Essential Services. Speaking from eighteen years as a detective and being immersed in the armpit of the world as a UCO (undercover operative) I could tell you stories that would curl your straight hair. Through this I speak of personal experience, but I’m not alone in sharing the disillusion in governing agencies and for that matter society itself.

Like a substantial group of us that are or were out there as police officers, firefighters, paramedics or affiliated services, it is very frustrating fighting the bureaucracy rather than focusing on the service we were trained to function as…’AIDING persons in distress’. Personally, the bureaucratic machine bound my hands behind my back and took away a substantial amount of ability to practically do my job. Court technicalities, arrest protocols, evidence procurement and so on, are dramatically restricted. I understand that guidelines are in place to make sure the officer is not out-stepping his or her portfolio. The bad guys, however, have NO guidelines and as one can see in resent blatant violent acts against law enforcement and civilians, the bad guys don’t care who gets hurt either. Investigating a crime like murder, kidnapping, or any other criminal act is a matter of training, experience, and reason. Simple in its own terms but solving the crime was easy compared to three major walls run into when the facts are bared. The three walls I speak of are the lenient judicial system, bureaucracy, and the human rights of the criminal! What about the victims? Oh yes there seems to be a fourth wall, ‘Government funding for Essential Services’! But I won’t go into the misappropriation of our tax dollars for less important services. Could write a book on that subject.

It has been mentioned to me by socially educated observers with their opinion that cops are a ‘boys club and are never there when needed.’ But they love spending time writing traffic tickets instead of solving crimes. You know what!? It is a club mostly manned by dedicated men and women placing themselves in harm’s way to protect strangers. Oh for a matter of mention all the criminals locked in our prisons are not habitual speeders.

Now if I can wallow in a bed of pity… I have done my job to the best of my ability with two thank you‘s in eighteen years. In 1994 I had a heart attack which damaged my career at the age of thirty eight, three divorces and a bad case of ‘post-traumatic stress syndrome.’ (With no compensation) Through the years I have put my job first before family, friends and health, and you know what, NEVER WROTE A SPEEDING TICKET! The RCMP awarded me an Award for Dedication to Duty in 2009. Now why do I feel like thousands of others in essential services that the society we have worked to help has abandoned us. When you call 911 there are people coming to your aid. Without their services we will condemn ourselves to a world of anarchy and destruction.

In summary, the subject matter in this literary venting is to let the people who assume, to resume support for our essential services. When you see a paramedic, firefighter, or cop…shake their hand and say,”Thank you.”

Please... CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!   -   Bryce A Baker


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