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 “They say to be an author of books, there is a format to be followed, but that box of literary confinement is the first to be expelled. To command my story, I shall waive my right to be confirmed of this world, and set sail free will, to a land of only I have a license to explore. Like all my others, there is a solution in my direction with journey unknown.”
                  - Excerpt from ‘Authored’ by Bryce A Baker

The author takes a real journey back through time to the old wild west. Longhorn, a character from another book, has come to get the authors help to resolve a fictional case in the real world… or is it a real case in the fictional world?

Be prepared to take a funny ride on a serious horse, with two cowboy cops from different centuries.

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 Book 2 completes the legacy of the Kabe family. Joshua Kabe (father of China and Adam) left his family behind, bent on Justice for the atrocities by the Evil One.

 The story continues with China growing as a Texas Ranger and being drawn through her dad’s Journal.

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 Grandpa gently picked up one of his dad's Colts and held it in his hand as though he was his father and his father was alive in him. In his eyes was a great look of respect and admiration for his father. Tears leaked from his now tightly-closed eyes and he whispered,"I miss you, Dad."

 He slowly opened his eyes and raised them to mine. "Joshua, the Devil started a battle with your great-grandpa by luring him into a guilt that removed quiet peace from his life. As a result of this unbridled guilt however, your great-grandpa was led toward heaven and not hell. Grandpa Joshua is responsible for building a family that has continued to do battle against the Evil One for all these years, and that responsibility is now yours."

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 U.S. Marshal Harden is down, but not dead. Can he return from the other side?

 Faith and iron will determination, mixed with a heavy dose of love, can have miraculous results.

 William Harden is a modern day, old school US Marshal who was born and raised in the back country of Texas. Tracking the criminals is a simple matter for him, with nature as a teacher and a guide. But an ambush during a routine rural search takes a violent turn that puts him in the Intensive Care Unit anticipating death.

 Though he is forced into retirement due to his injury, his fortitude to heal has surprising results and he is now saddling up on the

 But he is not riding solo as Jill refuses to take a back seat. And the Knight Horse, with the enhancements provided by Jill's expertise, becomes an astonishing effective weapon against the bad guys.

  In a story of action, adventure, danger, suspense and romance, Andrew, a paranormal psychology professor, is hired by an heiress to research and investigate her quest for answers concerning the mystery of her missing uncle.

 Her uncle was researching some mysterious supernatural events, and as the story grows, so does the adventure to the mystical realm of the unknown and the unnatural. The story is an unearthly, sometimes humorous, action packed journey into the paranormal to solve an old mystery. Not only does Andrew find more action and adventure than he expected, he found romance and love in the most unusual manner.

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Published Author and World Renowned Artist

"Writing fictional books is like sailing through different worlds that may not be afforded us in real life. Authors command the adventure and realize the result without giving way to status quo. Putting the words to paper is scaling the impossible and immersing oneself in a dimension of imagination. It is a mind drug with incredible side effects."

                                                                                                          - Bryce A Baker

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