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This is a video of myself, practicing the authentic western 'reverse' or 'cavalry' draw that I use.

and NOW

"As I scan through my list of author friends, I see a bunch of eccentric, non-conforming individuals that seek escape through literary composition. They explore the outside of the envelope with little thought of personal safety and total disregard of maintaining sanity. What a GREAT bunch of people to be associated with!"

                                                - Bryce A Baker

 My upbringing was in the back woods of northern Ontario, Canada. It was coarse, but for my brothers and I, it was also an opportunity to breathe in the breath of nature. When one plays in the forest it has a tendency to rub off on the soul.

 I was introduced to the big city as an adult, and this was a shock to my system. But the transformation was complete when my employment developed into a career in Criminal Investigation and Body Guarding.

 As children, we learned to track each other and utilize the environment around us as a map. We learned all about our prey and searched for clues. Not so very different from the city and tracking the ‘bad guys’. It was just another forest to play in.

 In the course of the past fifty odd years, I have been blessed with the ability to capture life to the fullest. Not through wanton disregard of God’s plan, but through the greatest gift of all, the experience of adventure. God gives us tools to experience life in all its fullness and we learn to use them.

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Interview with Shaw Cable on May 17, 2012

'A former criminal investigator shares how his experiences have

helped write his new book and develop a new set of hobbies.'

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