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"I AM A WRITER... SO TELL ME IF MY LIFE IS JUST MY IMAGINATION."                                         Bryce A, Baker


Knight Horse
By Bryce A Baker

  William Harden is a modern day, old school US Marshall that was raised in the back country of Texas. Tracking the bad guys, for him, is with nature as a teacher and a guide. But a routine rural search takes a violent turn that puts him in the Intensive Care Unit. 

  Though he is forced into retiring due to his injury, his fortitude to heal has surprising results and he is now saddling up on the ‘KNIGHT HORSE'.

* * * * *

By Bryce A Baker

The author takes a real journey back through time to the old Wild West. ‘Longhorn’, a character from a previous book, has come to get the author’s help to resolve a fictional case in the real world… or is it a real case in the fictional world?

Be prepared to take a funny ride on a serious horse with two cowboy cops from different centuries.


A better version of authentic western fast draw without gun or holster modifications. Reverse draw or cavalry draw is and has been rarely used with shootists. In my new book 'Authored' I go back to use this technique with my buddy 'Longhorn'

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